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Once we understand your plan and goals, we will begin to help you achieve your desired results. The first step is to do detailed research and studies in line with your plan and project. The better and more quality this research is Done, The more realistic and acceptable the results will be. In this way, we are always by your side.

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Consultancy & Solutions

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Specify the Strategy


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Categorizing Information

Mobile Application Development services

Mobile Application Development Services Are What You Need

As we said, here is the services to support your success in business

It is now essential to have a mobile application to provide quick access for customers. One way to protect your customers’ rights is to give them easy access to the services you provide. In this way, in addition to always providing services to your customers, you can turn a significant percentage of them into loyal customers.

Benefits of Design Services


Better User Interaction

UX Design is a process to make the website’s pages easy to use, delightful to interact and valuable for the users. UX Design will help your users to feel great when they interact with you.


Enhance Branding

It makes a meaningful experience that is based on relevancy for users. UX/UI is effective on your branding.


Visual Design Improvement

Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster thinking to further the overall value proposition.


Prototype of Project

The first step in depicting our and your mental imagery of the project is done at this stage.

Gathering the details and data analysis


Finalize the prototype and build it


Design in the shortest time with the closest details to a reality


Implement Product and Maintain it

Mobile Application Development, Sizable and Inexpensive success way

Have you ever wondered about the world of mobile application development? You may have several applications on your smartphone that are used on a daily basis.

The growth of mobile application development services companies is the other undeniable reason that involved us all.

Creative app ideas and the internet, this true catalyst for mobile app development, opened the doors to high-tech experience.

Here is a guide to familiarize you with the A to Z of app development from the basic steps of pre-design, design, development, and the last stage of releasing it to the marketplace.

Follow us to explore the cutting edge of this world.

Table of Contents

Why the role of mobile application development is important nowadays?

The apps we have on our mobiles have hypnotized us to use them 24/7. Their significant role is represented in today’s society; mobile applications have shown their impact on various industries.

One might argue that many companies could potentially lose their edge in the market without coping with the rapid changes in the online world.

The digital world opens the door to many benefits and opportunities but simultaneously has its own unique challenges.

Getting access to new markets with the WordPress mobile plugin, creating a sense of loyalty among customers, and simplifying challenges that exist in the traditional market are some of the benefits mobile applications can bring to industries.

On the other hand, you could face challenges such as cyber-attacks or privacy concerns while dealing with customers’ data.

Mobile application development 01
Mobile Application Development, a road to progress

The real challenges begin when your row concept turns into an app, whether a mobile app or a web app idea. Knowing that mobile applications have covered almost every part of our life.

Building an app that guarantees your continuous presence, delivers information more quickly, and expands the target audience and user engagement is necessary.

At last, you will have the aggregated data for the marketing research and analysis. This mentioned subject is mainly related to mobile e-commerce apps, which you can read in another article.

Mobile app development is not limited to business. We need them in case of virtual communication with others, gaming, editing our captured photos, learning a new language, finding the best direction to arrive at a destination, even checking our health condition, and other similar things. Now, time to see the inside of this operation.

Let’s see, How Mobile App Development Introduce Itself?

The developer’s goal is to create an app for small, portable, and wireless computing devices (smartphones, tablets, and wearables). Every existing mobile application on your device has two fundamental parts; the backend and the frontend.

Imagine that you want to install an app on your device, so you download it from Google Play or Apple Store.

Then you tap the installation button and open the app. The app has kept several components, such as codes, libraries, frameworks, APIs, etc., that we call the hidden backend and the frontend, which is visible to you. 

The developer is expert enough to build an app for Android OS and iOS operating systems. In the following step,  you will be familiarised with all the main parts of mobile app development. Let’s be enlightened with more details about all the mentioned parts. 

There are 3 main parts in a mobile application related to industry standards and client requirements. These 3 parts include:

  1. Presentation part
  2. Business part
  3. Data part
a preview of mobile app structure
An inside view of mobile application, Source: Peerbits
  1. The presentation part is mainly related to the front end. The design process and everything that is connected with providing a seamless user experience and user interface. (Tap on the link to read more about mobile app designing.) You will see more details in this article.
  2. The business part is connected with the form of showing the business personality to the user. This part is specifically connected with the mobile application development company.
  3. The third and data part works with accessing data, data utilities, and service tools. 

The mobile app development process is specifically connected with four structure developments that it clarifies what kind of app development is going to build. The next topic guide is with these structures. 

Various structures of mobile app development

In the early days of mobile applications, the most suitable performance depended on developing natively, which meant you needed to write a specific code for that particular device processor.

But nowadays, the variety of cross-platform tools and languages such as C#, JavaScript, and Kotlin enables developers to have much more freedom.

The important part is that it enables the developer to make an app for several platforms, which will be fitted with life-cycle management tools like Jenkins to build and test your mobile application.

This ability help developers use a single codebase for iOS, Google Android, and Progressive Web App (PWAs). PWAs are merit for the native mobile app since they provide users with a more reliable experience.

When you are creating a mobile application, consider the following factors:

  • The desired user experience
  • The computing resources
  • Native features required by the app
  • The development budget
  • Time targets
  • Resources that are available to maintain the app in order to choose your ideal type.

There are 4 major mobile app developments:

The following parts are guidelines to give you each of these app developments’ pros and cons; based on supporting languages and frameworks.

If you have an app project, consider carefully which of them is the right choice for your mobile app development idea. Click the link to learn more about mobile app frameworks.

Native Mobile Application:

An app development that is coded in a specific programming language, such as Kotlin for Android or Swift for iOS. Faster performance, more reliability, and direct access to the device resources are some great options that developing a mobile app natively brings to us. 

Mobile apps developed for Android devices were created with Java programming language. (What is Android? Tap on the link to learn more about it.)

In recent years Kotlin has been added as another native language. Objective-C initially created iOS apps; in 2014, Apple introduced Swift as another alternative for mobile apps for iOS devices.

Cross-platform Mobile Application:

As its name follows, cross platforms are those apps that are buildable for both operating systems, Android OS and iOS. It is harmonious with different mobile operating systems, easy to make,  and has limited performance in some cases but is generally satisfactory. Tap to learn more about cross platform.

Hybrid-Mobile Application:

It is built with web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JS. Similarly, the same as building an app with front-end development. Supporting the native device features are limited.

Suitable for greeny people who want to enter the mobile application world. Get more info about hybrid app development in another blog.

Progressive Web Application:

PWA is a responsive website and a mobile app built with HTML, CSS, and JS. No need for the process of installation. PWS behaves and performs similarly to a native app. It takes advantage of a modern website in a lightweight and responsive form. 

Maximizing Mobile App Performance: The Key to Success in Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development and mobile app performance are intricately connected in the realm of mobile app development. The quality of a mobile app heavily relies on how well it performs on various devices and operating systems.

The development process plays a vital role in ensuring optimal app performance. Careful consideration must be given to factors such as efficient coding practices, resource management, and effective utilization of hardware capabilities.

By employing robust development methodologies and incorporating performance optimization techniques, developers can create mobile apps that deliver seamless user experiences, fast loading times, and smooth functionality.

The relationship between mobile application development and mobile app performance is symbiotic, as the efforts invested in development directly impact the performance and overall success of the app.

Defining types of mobile developments
Four fundamental names of mobile app development.

Is there a connection between the Center of the mobile app, the Backend, and the Frontend?

Backend and frontend bring a supply chain as a life-cycle to the heart of a mobile application. Why? Because the unity of mobile frontend development directly connects to the backend services. These two provide a seamless experience and smooth deployment process. 

The main point about app development is that no front end would work properly without a correct backend architecture. API is the bridge for making this connection.

The connection is like this; any request sent from the front end to the backend is retrieved through the APIs in the backend.

Imagine that you have online shopping you tap on the payment option. When you tap, the front end sends the request through an API to the backend, and then you fill in the credential information. Tap on the link to get more information about mobile backend development

muscel and hand for showing what exactly the backend and
muscel and hand for showing what precisely the backend and frontend do

This back-and-forth process is the key to ensure the app is productive enough to provide a smooth performance as it is supposed to do. The front end and back end are totally different but their goals are the same to solve the user’s needs.  

How Does Backend in app development Play in the ground of Mobile application?

The backend delivers high-quality service and provides a reliable experience using  API, REST, and GraphQL. Generally, it is the logic of programming. It is the heart of any software development. The backend is the server-side of an app that processes, manages, and stores data.

The developer is familiar with the database. The database contains information used by the functions the developer has implemented into the app.

The key to backend development is to know what kind of problem will be solved based on the matter of the problem. The backend takes the user input data and processes it to the desired output. 

So, let’s see some of the languages which are mainly used in the backend development: 

  • Python is one of the efficient languages that is usable in Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • JavaScript to communicate directly on both client and server sides.
  • C++ has a lot of abilities, like building operating systems, browsers, and gaming. However, it is strict on the syntax
  • Swift is developed by Apple. Specifically for iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS, and iPad
  • Java is used for native android apps with billions of custom-built devices

Just imagine, in the act of a money transaction, the backend and that specific language play a significant role while you have online shopping. Tap on the links if you’re looking for the best backend technology or backend for android. 

"Backend is the epicenter of the whole performance of your mobile application.''

What do we need to know about frontend and design in mobile app development?

As a user of the application, what you see and experience visually from the tapping icon and the application space is called the front end. Some apps are downloadable from app stores, and numbers are on your home screen.

The frontend is a mix of languages and technologies to build up an app with visual elements like text, colors, styles, photos, graphs, buttons, tables, and a navigation menu. 

The front-end developer creates the appearance structure and content on different usages (whether it is a website or mobile application). So, the developer focuses on what happens with the app, a total visual and sensory experience.  

So, the goal of a frontend developer is precisely the (UX) or the user experience. The better and quick reaction, the better performance positively, then the user will feel a friendly experience of providing services.

The key is to be responsive and stable which is called mobile app design. What about languages?

mobile application development 05
a part of front end code writing

The front end is mainly HTML and CSS.  Let’s become familiar with them.

  • Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

Hypertext is the act of connecting links between web pages. It is the mixing of hypertext with markup to create a documentation structure under tags.

  • Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)

CSS is adjusting the layout content on a web page that can easily connect to an HTML code. CSS helps you to avoid making mistakes with the existing HTML code.

Owing to some frameworks and libraries, developers also use JavaScript in the frontend.  It makes the interface more engaging for the user and a suitable option for running games in case of functionality.

Check our website for more detailed info about mobile game development

" We are targeting innovation, we believe mobile applications are essential. "

Larry Page (American Computer Scientist) Tweet

Expand your business with WordPress Mobile App Plugin

You may have a website for your service. But if you are familiar with the WordPress mobile plugin, you can shift your site into a mobile app. The excellent point is that:

It doesn’t need to have technical knowledge. Scan the entire content of your website and perform it in an app layout.

The best part is that the users get the latest notifications of your service and promotions. Other options, such as (scheduling WordPress plugin, WordPress cookie plugin, and short-code WordPress plugin) are also available to flatten your market goal smoothly and how you can get more money out of it. 

For sure, one of the ecommerce responsibility is to make ready your business. Because they provide a way to widen your goal to reach and connect with customers globally.

You may hear about Beacon technology in mobile apps. They draw a picture of how good your product or your service is. Since there are around 7.1 billion active app users, this is an excellent platform to grab attention. One of the great examples is Shopify app development, that you can read more about it in another article.

The Cyberia Tech will plan to provide a better Electronic commerce mobile app service such as:

  1. Research
  2. Set a goal
  3. Choose a suitable platform
  4. Describe the main items
  5. Create UI-UX design
  6. Build MVP (Minimum Viable Product is to introduce a product or website with essential features for having fast feedback)
  7. Collect feedback from the customers
  8. Develop and adapt your app based on market and user needs

Get more information about ecommerce mobile app in another article.  Or if you are considering to have an android app woocommerce to optimize your online business take a look at the android app woocommerce article. 

To Have a Mobile Application Development Company, or Not to Have, That is the Question?

Believe it or not, the need for a mobile application company is compelling, because of the following reasons:

  1. The number of user engagements will increase
  2. Help the brand to expand its name
  3. Time-saving, they focus on building the app and completing the task
  4. Having a mobile app company have enough numbers of skilled, professional people to develop your application
  5. Keep an eye on the development project to fix  and test the possible issues
  6. They make a connection between clients and developers
mobile app development
Mobile application development company offers you the tips to expand your idea

It doesn’t need to worry about managing costs, planning, and finding resources; they offer timely payments, whether you are a startup or a big one. Besides, these companies are always up to date. They know the latest innovations in the market.

The more your goals grow, the better you need to keep the mobile application company in touch to improve: Usage, UI UX design, and Features.

A mobile application development company acts as a gardener. Waters, saves the young tree of your idea, and you have its support to provide better services. Mobile application development company acts as a gardener. Waters, saves the young tree of your idea, and you have its support to provide better services.

The Backend for flutter mobile app is the other option to think about

a Google UI software development kit (SDK). A single Codebase houses an open-source cross-platform application for the Google Fuchsia, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, Windows, and Web platforms.

It offers many and a wide range of tools, including APIs, documentation, libraries, and occasionally frameworks. Flutter is useful for cross-platform applications since it is developer-friendly. The mobile app development business can swiftly construct your app and launch it on Android or iOS using Flutter.

To link applications to cloud backends, the developer employs API and SDK on the backend platform. Dart’s excellent performance and decreased dependence on OEM widgets allow users to experience quicker startup times. (Please check the Best Backend For Flutter Article)

Virtual Reality; a mind-blowing technology in app Development

Strategy, experience, development, and design are the process of having a booming VR app development. Since there are different VR headsets, such as (Oculus HTC Vive, Samsung Gear, and Oculus Rift) the quality of VR headset speaks first to improve the user experience. (Tap on the link to read more about VR app development.) 

The tools you need to create a VR 3D model masterpiece are:

  1. Blender (Scene inspection, shows the front environment )
  2. ZBrush (Digital sculpting tool for painting, animating, 3d, and 2.5D)
  3. Adobe design ( Sets a comfortable space for the user by creating 360 VR video)
  4. Maya 3D (Animation, modeling, digital sculpting, texturing, and shading)
Exploring VR app development
The goal in VR app development is to blow your mind!

Also, you have a sense of touch and a mixture of sounds in the virtual environment. The haptic technology provides an extra dimension to feel the reality inside the unreal world.

This technology uses a joystick, gloves, and shoes to make that feeling come true. Just picture yourself in front of the sea, walking barefoot on the sand while you can listen to the waves, all in VR.

Frequent and common asked questions

In Oxford Academic article, There are five essential abilities for a successful career:

Consider the mobile app requirements of your target audience.
A mobile developer needs the wisdom to know what questions to ask and how to convey that understanding to the client verbally and in writing.
An competent, open-minded developer who understands the need of writing clean code that is both efficient and user-friendly possesses the talent of creativity.
You’ll need the ability to diagnose potential application difficulties and work towards a solution.
Familiarity with a programming language is a prerequisite. Swift is a must-have for iOS developers, whereas Java and other languages are required for Android app creation.

Android can be programmed in a wide variety of languages.

Java, Kotlin, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Dart, C++, C# and Python

An open mind developer knows the development approach to consider:

  • What is your business’s nature, and how should it be compatible?
  • How much money is needed as funds?
  • In the case of business apps, you need to consider what is much easier for the user experience
  • For the most part, it runs an app without any crashes and possible bugs.


  • The first thing is to set the best strategy
  • The target audience
  • How is the idea competitive
  • For which platform (native, or cross-platform) are you building an app

This free and open-source programming language is ideal for building desktop, mobile, and enterprise software.

The Last Station of the Tour

There is no boundary or limitation in the land of mobile application development to make what people demand. Believe it or not, by the end of 2025, over 70% of the world’s population will have mobile devices.

That’s why the future of man’s life belongs to the mobile application development services company. Remember, designing a solid structure is the first action to consider. What are the expectations of the client?

And how to make a balance between them all in the pocket of mobile app development. A well-designed app will remain on user devices and be downloaded repeatedly.

A win-win deal. We are here to answer all the dark spots in your mind about this article. You can keep in touch with us if you consider building an app.


UX / UI Design Offer

User experience and user interface design are integral parts of mobile application development. In fact, good design is a competitive advantage. To discover more, read more.