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Analyze And Research The Project

When you have a plan for a project, we look forward to hearing from you

Once we understand your plan and goals, we will begin to help you achieve your desired results. The first step is to do detailed research and studies in line with your plan and project. The better and more quality this research is Done, The more realistic and acceptable the results will be. In this way, we are always by your side.

Steps of the research:

Consultancy & Solutions

Consultancy & Solutions

specify the strategy

Specify the Strategy


Developing the Subjects

categorize information

Categorizing Information

ui ux design services

Web Development Process Will Be Done For You

In this section, we have considered two steps for you that are done carefully for all projects.

Backend development.

This step, also known as server-side, is about all the activities that the users don’t see and call behind-the-scenes actions. Any actions of the website belong to this part. The databases are the base of its focus.

Frontend development.

Contrary to the backend section, you manage everything that the user can see visually and interact within a browser (for website) or applications in the frontend. The results of user experience and user interface design (UX/UI) are displayed in this section.

Benefits of Design Services


Better User Interaction

UX Design is a process to make the website’s pages easy to use, delightful to interact and valuable for the users. UX Design will help your users to feel great when they interact with you.


Enhance Branding

It makes a meaningful experience that is based on relevancy for users. UX/UI is effective on your branding.


Visual Design Improvement

UI Design makes your website consistent and straightforward for users and improves it graphically.


Prototype of Project

The first step in depicting our and your mental imagery of the project is done at this stage

Gathering the details and data analysis


Design in the shortest time with the closest details to a reality


Finalize the prototype and build it


Implement Product and Maintain it

web application development, how to have more interesting results!

Surfing the internet is much improved with the miracle of web application development which brought us a whole new and exciting world of possibilities.

Web apps helped business owners and have made it more fun for clients to use websites. Therefore, web developers try to turn website visitors into permanent users or potential customers with the help of web app development.

Web apps make reciprocal connections between the server and the online users through the browser. These web apps are very easy to work with and can boost your website’s  click rate.

Even if you are new to web development and web apps, you can always get help from a web development company to develop an appropriate web app for you, or your business.

There are also some other useful tips you might want to figure out for web apps that we will be exploring further ahead in the article.

Table of Contents

What Is a Web Application?

Before diving into deep ocean of this particular development, you might want to know what it is exactly. Some common examples of web apps are emails, online shops, and social media sites that give us access to some information through the net over our browsers.

So, web apps do not require downloading and can be accessed from any device that can connect to the internet. Nevertheless, they often require a sign-up for authentication.

Web apps are usually the best way of communication between different businesses and their customers. They sort out all the necessary data and will effectively present them, unlike a static website which is only for reading and viewing information.

Unlike mobile apps that are specifically designed for smartphones or tablets, a web app can adapt to various devices. Plus, they don’t need to be installed or downloaded in order to be used. Overall, web apps are easier to work with and don’t cost as much as mobile apps for business owners.

We’d better analyze different aspects and parts to give you a comprehensive view of it. Before that, let’s see what type of web application fits your business needs.

web app development solves the problems of compatibility.
Web apps have various types that is compatible with all devices.

Different Types of Web Application

There are different types of web applications that any of them can be useful for a specific purpose.

Here is a diagram of web apps’ classifications:

web application development brief
a brief explanation of types of web applications.

How Can Web Apps Help Companies and Business Owners?

Imagine if you are about to start a business or you already own a shop and want to expand your business or reach out to new clients. Building a web app will bring you a great number of customers. You no longer will be a regional shopkeeper waiting for passengers to stop by.

Web apps can be reached across all digital platforms; therefore, you will have customers on a worldwide scale. Moreover, some costs like rent and utilities will decrease. So develop your web app today to save your business tomorrow.

When classifying your data on a web app, your data can be managed very easily through codes, tags, and simple searches. All your data will be secured; thus, you and your users can access them easily.

In your online business, you can update your users by clicking on a button; therefore, you can reduce some advertising costs. Plus, the money that you previously spent on flyers and catalogs can be saved now, and it is more eco-friendly indeed.

Despite all the benefits of web apps, they can be pricy for some small local businesses. Moreover, it can be confusing for some people who are not very comfortable with technology.

On the web, there can be a tiny possibility of losing or leaking important data, but this won’t be the main concern now. In such cases, it is safer to authorize a software development company for your web app.

Are We Using Web Apps too?

Yes, sure, why not! Every day we use web apps, check our emails, or we buy stuff online. But what If we develop our own web application?

Web apps can be used for personal purposes, like a local online shop, or they can be used for data configuration, with the help of APIs, in big companies. There isn’t any limit in this particular world of development.

Storing data in the databases of your choice can be more cost effective than using traditional ways of keeping records. Data can be stored with a click and will be accessible likewise.

However, it is not as simple as it sounds, and it got various stages that need to be analyzed first.

" Web apps can be used for personal purposes like a local online shop, or they can be used for data configuration in a huge company. "

Layers of Web Application Development Project

Through the process of web app development, nobody wants to make a mistake to blow up their online business. Therefore, if you are about to embark on your web app journey, make sure to analyze technical aspects of developing a web app after you target your goals and audience.

Web app development has three main layers.

How Do Web Apps Work?

Web apps are mostly based on a server-client mechanism. In order to establish your web app, you need to arrange a few things. First, you have to determine your backend, database, and frontend frameworks.

Generally, the user makes a request on a web page, and the web server receives the instruction through the net, processes it according to its databases, and constructs the requested output.

The server’s provided data will appear on the users’ browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari…). The browser here is known as the client.

There can be a company related to web development behind any business whose schema operates the transactions behind the web app (Backend), on the web page (frontend), or both (full stack development).

Backend Development

Backend again as its name suggests- handles whatever happens at the server, and it is a huge part of the programming process because it controls most of the web app’s functions and data.

Back end development is very important since whatever happens there will show its results to the clients in the frontend section. So, it can be helpful to get help from a professional developer from web application development companies so as to avoid any tragedies.

Backend Server, the Brain of Web App Development

Backend mainly consists of its server, specified programming language, and database. The server is a computer where all the web app’s data and files are stocked there.

For traditional models of websites or apps, all the codes and data will run on familiar operating systems such as Microsoft Windows Server or Linux. This is called a centralized version.

In the other decentralized version, you can use a serverless platform like AWS (Amazon Web Service). Amazon AWS offers a wide range of capabilities for backend programming, and it is financially very efficient either, as it can be scaled on demand.

Serverless databases keep data on third-party vendors and owe their popularity to their faster and cheaper services in comparison to traditional web servers.

Backend developers may use any programming language for web applications.
Backend developers may use any programming language for web applications.

Estimated Cost of Backend Web Application Development

Backend development is more complex than frontend; as a result, it costs more. You should remember that these prices are totally dependent on the complexity of your project and your region.

You have to plan the budget from the beginning because there is also another pricy factor in web app development. There can’t be a definitive estimation for the cost of databases. They generally have a pay-as-you-go system which means that your cost depends on the number of reads and writes.

In this case, as your web app grows and you get more popular, you pay more money for your database. Overall, the average cost of the web app development project can relatively vary.

Consider consulting with a group of professionals in a software development company before you pay for anything on your own. They can analyze your business plan and advise you on the best services for reasonable and affordable prices.

Front end Development

Frontend- as its name applies- only works with whatever can be seen on the screen. Since a web app has a lot of interaction with website users, acute front end development is very important to master.

Therefore, knowing some of the popular programming languages is a necessity for achieving better results on the surface. Because if you nail the front end in web app development, you’ll win the deal.

Front end development is crucial for web apps to appear correctly on various platforms.
Front end development is crucial for web apps to appear correctly on various platforms.

Estimated Cost of Frontend Web App Development

Frontend development is usually a little bit cheaper than backend development. However, if you want to cut down on prices, you can do the frontend development by yourself and ask for more help for the backend.

If you are not a developer, you don’t have to worry at all because you can always get help from a professional developer from any web development company. You have to pay attention that the salary of a frontend developer depends on the various aspects of your project and his/her experiences.

Using a certain frontend framework for your web application development project, you have to do more research. Accordingly, JavaScript is a very popular language, and lots of developers prefer JavaScript too.

Therefore, finding a good frontend developer who requests more reasonable numbers can be easier for you. Of course, the whole pricing strongly depends on the scope of your project and your region. We face the same challenges for both backend and frontend development.

However, a full-stack developer can aid you in your project and lower the cost significantly.

How Do You Create a Full-Stack Web Application?

A full stack web app is a web application created by a full stack developer. In general, full stack refers to a process that includes both frontend and backend development. More specifics regarding full stack development can be found in our recently released article.

To be more efficient, full-stack engineers usually concentrate on one or two programming languages. This feature assists business owners in lowering costs because they only receive assistance from one individual. A web development firm can provide full-stack help for your web app development needs.

two people working on computer
Working in the backend requires a demanding task; therefore, team members must collaborate.

Custom Web Application Development

This is a kind of web app development that only responds to your specific needs. This kind of app development is usually performed by a web development company since that got more experience in such fields. According to your business needs, they can construct a suitable custom web app.

You can cut down on some of the excessive budgets that were planned before. Moreover, the service-providing company will handle your web app; hence, you will save some time focusing on your business plans.

Web development languages are very important because before developing a website, web app, or mobile app, a developer should choose the most appropriate and efficient language.

In a technology world in which a developer is facing a huge variety of programming languages, choosing correctly could be challenging. As a developer, you have to consider all the necessities before starting a project. We provided some information about web development languages that might ease your choice.

Web Application Ideas Must be Creative!

Nowadays, some small businesses and Start-Ups are particularly eager to establish their own web apps in order to strengthen their bonds with their customers. This mindset will surely help them in expanding their businesses, but it is not enough.

You can always hire a web development business to avoid making such judgments and leave them in the hands of professionals. Creating a web app is difficult, so you should understand how to keep your web app stylish and up to date in order to provide a better user experience.

Due to the fact that small businesses usually don’t possess a lot of cash, it is more efficient for them to run a simple web app. According to the previously mentioned list of various kinds of web apps, e-commerce web apps can be very beneficial for developing online shops.

Dynamic and e-commerce web apps, because of their higher rate of interaction with users, are more suitable for growing businesses. They can keep in touch with their clients and respond more quickly to their requests. You can explore more web application ideas and match them with your needs through custom web application development.

Create A Web Application

After you’ve determined your business objectives, you can look into web application development services. However, don’t forget to select programming frameworks that are appropriate for your purposes.You can always hire a web development business to avoid making such judgments and leave them in the hands of professionals.

Creating a Web App is difficult, so you should learn more about it to keep your web app in style and update for a better user experience.
Many web development firms provide a wide range of frontend, backend, and full-stack services. The important thing for you to remember is that you may find a web development business that provides convenient web application development services at cheap pricing.

Development of Custom Web Applications

This is a web app development that just addresses your individual requirements. This type of app development is typically done by a web development business because they have greater experience in such sectors.

They may create an appropriate custom web app based on your business requirements. You can reduce some of the previously projected exorbitant budgets.

Furthermore, the service provider will manage your web app, allowing you to focus on your business ambitions.

Web application development companies can advise you with app creation.
Web development companies can advise you with app creation.

Web Application Development Services Provided by Web application Development Companies

Those companies that  specifically work with web apps must provide efficient and comprehensive services for its customers. Generally, companies offer services for both backend and frontend development; however, different companies have different areas of expertise.

In Cyberia, we are doing our best to provide any services for your web app development project. We will ensure that with our professional engineers, you do not have to worry about the convenience of your web app. Nevertheless, developing a web app is a challenging and time-consuming procedure.

It may seem very simple to develop a web app, but the hardest part is that, as a business owner, you should come up with an authentic idea for a web app. Your app should be easy-to-use and fun to work with.

For the next step, you have to do comprehensive research about your target market and users. After defining a flawless business plan and considering all the financial and technical elements, you need to design the sketch of your web app.

After determining your web app design, you should develop your wireframe and prototype model of your web app. This step can help you to analyze thoroughly and detect potential problems.

After everything is settled, you can begin the coding and then start hosting your web app. If the whole web application development process goes right, you are going to see the results soon.

web application development in every company
Web application development is a demanding process.

The platform related to the web application is directly associated with the programming language you deployed. (Check the Web Application Development Platforms)

Here is a diagram of some of the most popular web app developing frameworks:

Platform’s Name







Paypal, Netflix








Koel, Flarum

Ruby on Rails


Ruby, JS, HTML

Github, Airbnb




Uber, LinkedIn

All these steps are going to help you to develop a successful web application for your business. Accordingly, you must pay attention to every little detail because these small tips can remarkably improve your app. You can read more thoroughly about various backend and frontend platforms on our website.

What Is Redux Framework?

Redux is an open-source JavaScript framework that is compatible with front-end frameworks like React and Angular. Like MVC (Model-View-Controller) system in PHP frameworks, Redux is a management tool for JavaScript in the front end.

With its centralized state management approach, the Redux framework provides a structured and predictable way to handle application states across different components.

Redux is responsible for keeping everything tidy in the front end. It has a Store that includes the data sets and Reducers for keeping the commands and orders. In this model, the user’s action is directed through Reducers.

All these steps are going to help you to develop a successful web application for your business. Accordingly, you must pay attention to every little detail because these small tips can remarkably improve your app.

Frequently Asked Questions About Web Application Development

We tried to answer all of your questions through our article, but maybe a few still remained. Here are some of the questions that have been asked by others as well.

Creating applications on the web is a dream come true. A programmer writes software on a server thousands of kilometres away, and you access it with a single click. The online app is interesting since it doesn’t have to be downloaded and can be used right away.

  • Propose the problem
  • Schedule the app’s workflow
  • Build your app’s prototype
  • Finalize the prototype
  • Create the app
  • Test the app
  • Launch the app to the market

All day long, we’ve been using various web-based software programmes. Web applications include commonplace tools like online stores, spreadsheets, and email.

Python’s flexibility in being used for both machine learning and data analysis has made it one of the most popular languages for developing online applications.

JavaScript is a versatile programming language that can be used for both server-side and client-side development. PHP is another well-known language that sees extensive use in the web development industry.

  • Advanced computer skills
  • Numeracy Skills
  • Creativity
  • Acceptable communication skills
  • Ability to solve problems

The degree of energy they both possess is the primary distinction between the two. Web apps are dynamic and allow users to engage in real time, whereas websites often only provide static information. Most commonly, users of web apps consume content, interact with data, and trigger actions in the form of requests and answers.

If you live in the 21st century, you skip the challenges of working with various web apps. During the Covid-19 pandemic, numerous businesses had to shut down, unfortunately.

So, think of web application development as a marvelous opportunity that can save a lot of businesses from bankruptcy.

Nevertheless, this is not the only advantage of web app development, but also nobody can deny its significance. Web apps can be useful for data organization in huge corporations, and they can also help a local farmer sell his/her products.

It is just a matter of making everything easier, faster, and more secure. As a web development company in Cyberia Tech, we are happy to inform you that we can offer frontend, backend, and UI/UX designing services.

You can ask for our services via email, phone, and our website. Make sure that we will contact you as soon as we get your message. So, don’t hesitate any longer; your web app is just one click ahead.


Mobile Application offer

As you know, the Mobile application can be the best way to turn your users into customers and make them loyal to you .