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Tesla’s Optimus Gen 2: The Future of Humanoid Robots


With the introduction of Tesla’s Optimus Gen 2, Tesla has left a notable mark in the ever-expanding realm of technology. This blog post will take a closer look at Tesla’s latest humanoid robot, Optimus Gen 2.

We’ll examine its characteristics and the timeline of its development. We’ll also look into the distinctions between Optimus Gen 1 and Optimus Gen 2 and the potential advantages this robot brings to the table.

What is Tesla’s Optimus Gen 2?

As you probably know, Tesla, led by the famous CEO Elon Musk, is not just an innovator in electric cars and solar panels. The tech company has also been actively venturing into the field of humanoid robots.

Optimus Gen 2, the company’s most recent project, is a humanoid bipedal robot that is intended to perform repetitive human tasks that can be hard and boring for people. It is a significant improvement over its predecessor Optimus Gen 1.

First Optimus

The first version of Optimus was released at Tesla’s AI Day 2022, and it’s safe to say that the presentation did not impress many. At that time, Tesla showcased an early prototype that had few abilities; this prototype could barely walk and wave.

Tesla Optimus Gen 1
The first version of Optimus called Gen 1

Despite that demo, Elon Musk’s primary concept was a versatile humanoid robot designed to replace human labour, and it seemed to have potential.

Last week, over one year after its first demonstration, Tesla unveiled the next generation of Optimus, Optimus Gen 2, which has progressed quite a lot.

What’s New in Optimus Gen 2?

Optimus has impressively changed, especially considering that Tesla’s humanoid robot program is still in its early stages. Many improvements have been made since the initial release of the first prototype. Let’s see what has changed in Tesla’s Optimus Gen 2:

  • Weight and speed: the Optimus Gen 2 walks 30% faster and weighs 10 kg less than its predecessor. 
  • Physical appearance: With its new actuated hands, feet, neck, and body, the Optimus Gen 2 presents a more human-like appearance and movement, enhancing its balance and full-body control.
  • Improved feet: The robot now features human foot geometry, equipped with force/torque sensors and articulated toe sections. This allows it to walk smoother and faster with more balance.
  • Actuated neck: The robot now features a neck with 2 Degrees of Freedom (DoF), allowing it to move its head in a more flexible and human-like manner.
  • Improved Hands: A key feature of Gen 2 lies in its hands; Optimus Gen 2’s hands have 11 Degrees of Freedom (DoF) for faster and more flexible movement.

The improved touch sensitivity of Tesla’s Gen 2 allows it to handle heavy and delicate objects. As shown at 1:16 in Tesla’s video below Gen 2 can hold an egg without crashing it that is really impressive.

Its new sensors and actuators allow the robot to handle objects with great precision and care. This improvement in touch sensitivity means the robot can now be used for different practical tasks.

Tesla vs Boston Dynamics Robots

Boston Dynamics is a robotics design company owned by Hyundai that concentrates mainly on creating various robots.

While Boston Dynamics primarily focuses on developing new robotics technology, Tesla has been promoting the concept of a versatile AI-based humanoid robot designed for general-purpose tasks.

Also, Tesla aims to mass-produce these robots at an affordable price, differing from Boston Dynamics, which sells higher-priced robots for more specialized purposes.

frequently asked questions

As of now, there is no confirmed release date. However, Elon Musk aims to start selling humanoid robots by 2027.

Tesla is likely aiming for an approximate price of $20,000 for Optimus, but the company might consider lowering the price as production increases.


At the top of humanoid robotics world, Tesla’s Optimus Gen 2 represents a significant advancement in the field. While challenges and improvements undoubtedly lie ahead, the showcased features make it an exciting project to observe. As Tesla continues to push boundaries, the prospects for Optimus Gen 2 and its potential impact on robotics are indeed fascinating.

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