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Apple Intelligence: AI Revolution 2.0 Is Here

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On June 10th, the Silicon Valley titan introduced “Apple Intelligence” at the WWDC 2024 conference. It’s a ground-breaking set of AI tools that offers an entirely new experience to users.

 As Apple has shown on its website, this AI integration is “Built into your iPhone, iPad, and Mac to help you write, express yourself, and get things done effortlessly.” If you want to know why iOS 18 is something that Steve Jobs would be proud of, keep reading.

Writing Tools for Your Apple Device

A writing assistant will be available for users that lets them change the tone of the email based on who they’re writing to. Another feature is the ability to proofread your email, which will check the grammar, the sentence structure, and help you choose better words to communicate your message.

List of Apple Intelligence writing tools
Various writing tools to help you write your messages or emails – Credit:

If you want to include a TL;DR section in your email, the “key points” feature writes the main points of your message so the reader can understand what you want to say.

Build Your Custom Emojis with Genmoji

If the existing emojis are not enough, you can simply describe your desired emoji, and you’ll have your next cute digital image. Whether it’s a “smiley face with cucumber” or “a squirrel DJ,” you can unleash your creativity to make what you’re thinking.

A custom emoji generated with a real person's photo
Apple Genmoji lets you create an emoji of your friend - Credit:

That’s not all. As Apple Intelligence knows who is in your photo library, you can use an emoji that looks like your best friend!

Explore Your Creativity with Image Playground

As you’ve seen with other text-to-image AI tools, you can describe what you want and receive an image in seconds. There are three styles of Animation, Illustration, and Sketch with which users can make their visuals.
Another surprise for your friend will be a photo of her/him generated in your favorite style and which you can send on their birthday.

The New Siri: Smarter than Ever

The voice assistant can control the iOS apps as you want. For example, you can ask it to summarize an email or edit a photo with the new Siri. The glowing light around your screen (when you’re talking to Siri) is really futuristic and is a symbol of the new way of interacting with your smartphone.

Siri now understands users better with “Natural Language.” Even if you don’t say the words right, the virtual assistant still comprehends (check 2:23 minutes of Apple’s video below). Besides, it remembers your conversation, and you can have various requests on the same topic.

With “Personal Context,” Siri extracts information from your photos, calendar events, messages, etc., to provide you with a personalized answer. For example, you can ask, “When is Jack’s flight landing?” As Siri already knows who Jack is, it can tell you when he’s going to arrive or what plan you have with him.

And if you don’t want others to hear your conversation with Siri, you can now type your request quickly and quietly.

Priority Notifications: Minimum Distractions

To maximize the personal experience with your device, Apple Intelligence prioritizes your notifications and shows what’s more important on top of others.

Apple intelligence prioritize notifications in order of importance
Personal Intelligence puts the most important notifications on top of the stack - Credit:

Let’s talk about the “Memory Movie.” Personal Intelligence will let you create a movie about your friend playing guitar. It understands who’s in your photo library and chooses the photos that show your friend playing a guitar.

What About Privacy

Apple says many tasks can be handled directly on your device. For more complex queries, it uses “Private Cloud Compute,” which relies on Apple’s own servers with Apple Silicon chips for extra processing power.
These servers handle more intensive queries by only transmitting the essential data. Apple ensures that this data is never stored permanently, and the software on their servers is open to verification by independent researchers, ensuring transparency and security.

Wrap Up

These are just a few ways Apple Intelligence would change your life. Like other products from Apple that put simplicity first, working with Apple’s artificial intelligence should be easy and enjoyable.

The iOS 18 is expected to be available with the iPhone 16 and Apple Watch 10. However, the beta version will be ready to download for Apple’s Developer Program members.

We’re more than excited to see the Apple AI features in our hands. Until then, we have to wait to find out how the Cupertino Colossus disrupts the world again.

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