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What is Beacons ai? A Complete Review in 2024

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You may be asking, “What is beacons ai?” It is an AI solution to help you increase your earnings and grow your audience if you are a content creator. With 35 million page visits per month, the Beacons app has taken personalisation options to the next level.

Gone are the days when people strived for a safe job at a well-known company. Freedom is a common word for youngsters these days. They want to build a career they love, and is a tool to aid them.

In this review, you’ll discover why it is a game changer. We’ll cover a step-by-step guide to start using this tool. You’ll also find out for whom this service is designed, the tons of features you can have with the free version, and the pros and cons.

What is Beacons AI?

When you answer the question “What is Beacons AI?” it’s like finding a digital maestro who combines the melodies of your online persona into a unique, pleasing song for your viewers.

It’s a free link in bio builder that lets you create highly customisable websites in minutes. You can build a beautiful and easy-to-use website to grow your audience and make money from your social media channels while doing what you love.

If you are present on different social media, you have to put the links to the other platform in the bio section and write an explanation about it. This action prevents you from being creative and making the best use of the link in bio section. So, what’s the solution?

The AI tool allows you to connect all your links to their app and then put the same link on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and other mediums.

With this AI platform, your audience can access your material from all platforms in one place. It helps you sell digital products, receive donations, promote events and concerts, get subscribers, and more.

The landing page will be split into independent sections, often known as content “blocks.” It makes it easier for the influencer to make changes to the page. It also accelerates the process of finding relevant information for followers.

A woman is using mobile
seamless experience with ecommerce mobile app

Enhancing creator business

Thirty years ago, having an income as a content creator was out of the question. But the internet changed many things. First came Facebook, then YouTube and the others appeared one by one. Nowadays, many people leave their 9-to-5 jobs to become creators and make a living on these platforms.

Amercian kids plan to become influencers
American youth aspire to become social media influencers as a profession

As we mentioned earlier, the young generation has different goals these days. According to a survey by, nearly 25% of Generation Z (from 13 to 27 years old) consider becoming an influencer. Furthermore, 16% of those interviewed would pay to become a celebrity.

Given that, one thing hasn’t changed. Succeeding with your creator business has always been challenging. Beacons is here to revolutionise that. The Californian company offers tools for Youtubers and TikTokers to run their businesses and helps them via artificial intelligence.

What is Beacons AI superpower?

The co-founders were Stanford PhD students in machine learning. With ten years of background in AI, they believe we should use artificial intelligence to tidy up our work. They have integrated AI into their platform to help content creators along their journey to success.

Regardless of the niche and stage, digital creators are struggling with the same challenges:

  • No seamless toolkit: There are a lot of apps and software in the market. But content producers have to mix everything to get the job done. It can be discouraging sometimes.
  • Limited time: As mentioned above, managing and organising the tools is time-consuming. It can prevent media creators from making excellent content.
  • Algorithm: Getting lost in the algorithms is everybody’s worst nightmare. With every update, creators have to be worried not to lose their audience.

With the help of AI, the smart link aggregator has tackled these challenges by presenting a single platform with tools that help you do more with less work. It offers neat services like Link in Bio, Email Marketing, Creator Store, and Media Kit, as shown below.

Beacons ai tools
Link in Bio, Store and Email Marketing are wonderful tools of

As you can see, content producers have incredible features in one place. It is so convenient since you don’t need to learn how to work with every tool or try to tie everything together. 

In the following section, you’ll learn how to use this AI service to grow your business.

How to use Beacons app – A step-by-step guide

You learned about what the AI solution can do for you. Here, we’ll go through a step-by-step guide to get started with this great link aggregator:

  1. Sign up: Go to Use your email or social media accounts to sign in, or set up a separate account with a username and password on the login page.
  2. Profile adjustment: After logging in, you need to provide your name, biography, photo, and the link to your social media channels.
  3. Portfolio: You can add your best works and projects. This AI-powered platform supports various types of content. It can be an image, video, or a website link. Importing your files from websites like Dribbble or Behance is possible, or you can upload them directly.
  4. Portfolio Customisation: You can use several options to customise your portfolio. With countless layouts and themes, you can align your profile with your style. Then, organise your portfolio by creating sections like “Photographs” or “Designs”.
  5. Share and promote: The platform gives you a unique URL to share with your audience after setting up your profile. Use the power of social media to promote your portfolio and gain more followers.
  6. Update your profile: People like active creators. Try to freshen up your portfolio occasionally to show your audience you’re getting better every day.

If you need to know how to set up your account, watch this tutorial:

In this video, you’ll see how to create a new account. You’ll also learn how to create a store and upload your products. The artificial intelligence prepares a thank you email for your customers; however, you can write your own text to express your gratitude to your followers.

How does Beacons AI work?

Since it is a user-friendly service, anyone with little experience in web design can create an appealing page. It allows content producers to put infinite links on a fancy landing page.

 It’s useful for creators because it saves them the time and effort to update all the links in their bios one by one, as the original URL remains unchanged.

With the help of artificial intelligence, gathers a large amount of data. After analysing this data, it provides insights to content creators so they can measure the click-through rate, visitor behaviour, views, etc. Besides, the tool helps in monitoring user engagement and optimising content strategy.

After learning about the basics, let’s see the ideal users for this fantastic service.

Ideal Candidates for Beacons AI

This smart tool is a service to help social media influencers, content creators, online marketers, and anybody who uses the internet as a source of income. If you are present on different platforms and want your audience to find you on the others, you can add a link on one page and then link it to each platform.

The tool is also helpful for marketers and businesses. On this link in bio service, users can see products and make a purchase. For example, you can add a TikTok shopping blog where you talk about your product with photos, then add a product review video plus a neat CTA to boost your sales.

Content agencies can also benefit from this AI solution. It can be challenging for the agency to keep track of activities and payments for multiple clients, as they are in different industries with different audiences. The agency can use this AI-powered app to streamline marketing campaigns and the online presence of its clients.

Influencers using beacons AI
Some influencers creating their websites with Beacons app

You can see that some influencers have used the AI service to build their website. They have put all their social media links so people will know where to find them on other platforms.

Now, let’s see what this AI app brings you to raise your web presence.

Exploring the Key Features of Beacons AI app

We have several link-in-bio services available on the market. The unique features of Beacons AI make it an unmatched option. Thanks to monetising features, you can manage your earnings, and when it comes to visual components, you can expect a rich service.

Let’s go through the features of this intelligent tool:

Customisable appearance

We have several link-in-bio services available on the market. The unique features of Beacons AI make it an unmatched option. Thanks to monetising features, you can manage your earnings, and when it comes to visual components, you can expect a rich service.

Let’s go through the features of this intelligent tool:

Enhancing User Engagement with Embedded Content

To have an attractive landing page, you can embed videos from TikTok and YouTube or tweets from Twitter. This option helps you deliver your very recent content in a captivating way. Your followers can see your viral videos. You can include a sensitive content warning in case of need.

Making Money in the Digital Store

By offering the feature to create a digital store, the tech company has taken the link in bio business to the next level. No matter what you are selling, you can list your items, add relevant videos, and tag them in the video to promote your product.

Just bear in mind that the tool charges 9% as a commission in the free plan. If you go with the Pro plan, you don’t need to pay any commission.

Analysing Your Metrics

This link in bio service offers an excellent analytics tool. You can examine your traffic, profile visits, and which link your audience has visited the most. Moreover, you can check your income report in numbers and percentages. It also lets you monitor your progress over time by using historical charts.

A complete integration with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and UTM parameters is provided to get the most out of this AI tool.

(You add UTM parameters, which are short text codes, to URLs to help keep track of how well a page or marketing effort is doing.)

The list still needs to be finished. After talking about the main options, we are going to say a few words about other features.

Bonus Features

There are more features to help you increase your income and streamline your business operations. For example, you can accept donations from your fans with the Donation block.

The Donation block is especially useful for charities and organisations, as they need an easy way to receive donations. The good point here is that this feature is exempt from commission.

Email marketing is another useful option that is available to you. By collecting users’ emails, you can introduce your new content, send them offers, or promote your newsletter. Additionally, you’ll have customisable CTA buttons, an AI text generator for your emails, well-designed templates, and much more.

Users can create custom requests for a fee using the request block. The road to creativity is open here. Last but not least is the appointment block. With this block, your fans can book an appointment with you via Calendly, as it is integrated into the toolkit.

We’ve listed numerous features above. If we want to compare the service to the others, let’s say vs Linktree, the first beats the second. But you may want to start small so you can test other applications.

Is Beacons.AI safe?

Cybersecurity is of high importance in today’s digital world. It’s always safer to check if the apps and services are legit before using them.

According to some scam detector websites like Scamadviser, Scamvoid, and Scamfoo, the AI-powered service is legitimate and safe to use.

As Scamorno says, there have been some fraud cases trying to sell their fake platforms. So be careful to join the service only through the official website.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Beacons app

The tech company comes with several benefits. Offering many features in the free plan makes this AI tool an exceptional choice. However, if you want to know about other advantages, we’ll describe the pros and cons of this AI-powered app.

Pros of Beacons AI

  • It’s a beginner-friendly service. As this article explains, you can quickly sign up and start using it in a few minutes. As the name suggests, the tool is powered by AI. It uses machine learning to offer a personalised experience to every user.
  • The AI company offers a custom domain name to help followers access your content.
  • It is not a simple site builder. The options for website customisation are vast.

There are dozens of monetisation platforms. You may wonder which one best fits your followers’ needs.

Beacons ai works with various monetisation platforms
You can connect various menotisation platforms to Beacons

Thanks to a coherent service, you can link all your monetisation platforms to the Beacons app. This option will let you connect your entire fan base to every platform you’re active on.

Cons of Beacons AI

The major drawback with this tool is the 9% commission, which is relatively high. It’s worth mentioning that the Pro plan has a 0% transaction fee on all Store sales.

Below, we’ll give more details on the Pro plan.

Beacons AI pricing

As mentioned before, the positive point of this AI app is that it offers a lot on the Free plan. If you need to buy the Pro plan, it is truly an excellent value for the money, given the features that are included.

The AI solution offers three types of membership. While the innovative company has a vision to make its services free and accessible to everyone, some users may need more features. For the Pro plan, you need to pay $10/month, and the VIP plan is for those who have grown big and require extra components.

Beacons ai pricing
Beacons AI pricing plans

Above, you can see the subscription plans with the features you’ll receive. If you need extra support, you can go with the VIP plan and get expert advice.

There is an exciting offer on the website. With $30 per month, you’ll get access to the Marketing Bundle plan, which includes Link in bio Pro, Email Marketing Pro and Store Pro.

frequently asked questions

The company was founded by four friends while doing a PhD in machine learning at Stanford University.

There are a lot of features in the Free plan. However, there is a Pro plan with $10/month for those needing more options.

Yes. You can link your Roblox as well as other platforms to this AI service.

In Summary

In this article, we answered the question, “What is beacons ai?” It’s here to help the actual creator’s needs. Several website builders on the market offer basic modules, but Beacons app offers great features even with the Free plan.

It is a link in bio tool, but you can do much with it. With the help of this reliable tool, you can showcase your projects and execute email campaigns with an AI boost. It helps you sell your products in your digital store and grow your income.

The only drawback is that you have to pay a high transaction fee with the Free plan. If we put it aside, you’ll have everything you need in one place to become the next famous TikToker or gain thousands of followers on Instagram.

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