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Tips on Choosing the Right WordPress Amp Plugin; What is a WordPress amp Plugin, and How Genuine is it?

Tamila Tari
Tamila Tari
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If a company is making money from its website, it needs a WordPress amp plugin. The reason for this is that it all comes back to the user experience. If you have created a mobile application that is compatible with your website, performance becomes extremely important.

That is why you must select the best amp plugin for WordPress that will persuade users to keep and use your app for as long as possible and to make purchases through the app. You can make more money on both sides this way.

WP amp plugins are technologies that ensure the speed of your website on mobile applications is exactly what you expect. Let us explore this deeper.

Table of Contents

What is the best amp plugin for WordPress?

Let us define what an amp plugin in WordPress is. The accelerated mobile page (amp) role on the website is quite significant.  The same information will load in the same quality and as rapidly as possible on mobile devices. Better say having the appropriate WordPress amp plugin is a game plan strategy for success. Read more about mobile menu plugin in another article. 

That is why we, as users, expect a seamless and quick purchase experience with our smartphones. The surprising aspect of this technology is that many of them are free.

A graphical photo of the steps in WP mobile plugin
Some tips before you use wp amp plugin

Let’s see some of the best and most practical amps on WordPress:

  • Amp stories for WordPress

Created explicitly for visual storytelling with fast loading and full-screen content. What is the goal behind this plugin? Well, it focuses on more user engagement.  Its performance is similar to the stories of Instagram, and you can include images, animations, videos, audio, and text. All on this amp.

Another option is adding a link and URL to the story again, just like Instagram! You know what’s the point, a super direct way the user will visit your website. The tool is as enjoyable for both the developer and the user.

  • Amp it up

This tool has been proved to increase the load page time by 80-85% faster.  Amp it up will provide you with options such as:

  • GDPR
  • Https
  • Google Analytics
  • YouTube
  • Brightcove

The remarkable option of this tool is you can customize your own JavaScript, why? Since it gives you much more flexible performance. Besides, you don’t have to take your time to share your product on social media. It will automatically upload on social pages.

Don’t worry about converting the content as well; by the amp-complaint carousel, the content and pictures are transformable.

  • Weeblramp ce

With this tool, you may revise your decision. Owing to its strategy, this amp will create a softly closed version of your website for mobile applications. The several given options are:

  • Disqus
  • Google Analytics
  • Google tag manager
  • Facebook pixel
  • Yoast SEO
  • WooCommerce
  • Contact form 7
  • Gravity forms
A graphical photo of making a website for desktop and mobile with WP mobile plugin
The reason we use wp mobile plugin

This technology’s goal is to control the customized amp experience fully.

  • Amp wp- google amp for WordPress

It is pretty new, but developers claim that they have experienced full compatibility with yoast seo.  It has features that make this amp productive. Such as GDPR support for Europe, slider support, related post’s view, supports third-party analytics, optional sticky header, and image lightboxes. 

  • Glue for yoast seo & amp

 This tool is handy if you have the Yoast SEO and the official amp plugins for WordPress. The option of glue will make it possible to work with two plugins; Glue makes fundamental styling in a way that looks better. The developing process is the same as the creator of the Yoast SEO plugin.

  • Pwa for WP & amp

The other powerful WordPress amp plugin that makes your website become a progressive web app (paw).  Within this tool, your users expect a top-notch experience. With this tool, you have the complete support of an amp. UTM tracking, multi-site support, and cache expiration elements.

It also optimizes your website with some service features for faster loading time.

You may not know, but it’s useful for offline support. You can see what you previously loaded on the website without a Wi-Fi call to action.

  • Schema and structured data for WP and amp

This tool is not an amp plugin; however, it supports amp with the given options, such as various schema types; blogs, articles, local business details, products, and videos. It also supports a conditional display field to choose which particular posts, pages, or contents are getting marked up. 

Other helpful options are:

  1. Transfer markup data from schema plugin to seo pressor and wp seo schema.
  2. The premium version offers you the most available support and add reviews
  • Amp for wp- accelerated mobile pages

One of the best WP amp plugins with a high ranking.  Some of the beneficial features are AdSense support, Contact From 7 Support, email opt-in support, and CTA(Call To Action). This plugin offers you to have the best experience in digital marketing to have the best result.

Questions May Come to your mind

1. Make a version of your website that works well on mobile devices.
2. Think about adding Google’s AMP to WordPress.
3. Use plugins that are made for mobile.
4. Avoid using Flash.
5. Keep the same information on your mobile site and your PC site.
6. Simplify the images on the site.

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To find plugins in your app, you’ll need version 9.1 or higher and the Jetpack plugin, which requires version 5.6 or higher.After you update, there will be a new “Plugins” section under “Configure.”
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The last step

If your business is large enough, the WordPress amp plugin is the next step to growing more in the digital world. People are more interactive with their smartphones; they prefer to stay at home and shop online on websites; having that web app will give the user a chance to have a better experience.

Thus, that person will repeatedly visit your web app just by the WP amp plugin.  This is the goal of this tool, so choosing the best amp plugin for WordPress is the last step in taking advantage.

So, search for the ideal agency services and share your experience with us if you have any similar feedback about a web app. Or send us a message to guide you on which WordPress plugin is the best answer.   

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