The First Apple Vision Pro Users

Simpson Predictions Came True: The First Apple Vision Pro Users

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Apple Vision Pro Users are enjoying this mind-blowing invention, just days ago, Apple released its latest product in the United States: Apple Vision Pro.

in this article, we’ll explain what the Simpsons showed in the 2016 episode. This Apple Vision Pro review tells you everything you need to know including the cost, pros and cons, and what can be the future of this revolutionary product.

The Future with Tech Advancements

With the ever-changing world of technology, when you think about the future of human life what thoughts or images come to your mind?

In our world, with ongoing tech progress, we believe that technology gets closer to us every day, merging with human life. We think the future is already here, as we see today in Apple’s latest product, Apple Vision Pro.

simpsons prediction about vision pro
simpsons prediction about vision pro comes true

When was Apple Vision Pro Released

At their Worldwide Developers Conference on June 5, 2023, Apple showed off the Apple Vision Pro, a high-end mixed-reality headset. You could place an Apple Vision Pro pre-order from January 19, 2024, and you could buy it in the US on since February 2, 2024.

What is Apple Vision Pro

This technology seamlessly integrates digital content into your physical space, providing easy navigation through eyes, hand, and voice commands.

Users can now use an infinite canvas for app customization and immersive entertainment with Spatial Audio. With the introduction of the first-ever 3D camera, capturing and reliving moments has never been easier. Plus, with this new invention, you can have life-size FaceTime videos.

Apple Vision Pro Early Adaptors

Since its release, Apple has already sold roughly 200,000 units of the Vision Pro. People who were among the first to buy Apple Vision Pro have been using this device in their everyday lives. We can say that seeing them use this device in public is both strange and entertaining.

Imagine seeing someone seemingly gazing at something invisible, like a ghost, and reaching out to touch the air. Well, you don’t have to imagine that anymore. These shared videos show people using Apple Vision Pro to type on invisible keyboards. People are even wearing the device while driving! You can watch one of these videos below:

Apple Vision Pro Pros and Cons

With every new product comes advantages and disadvantages that help us decide if we need it or not, the Apple Vision Pro is no exception.

Apple Vision Pro's advantages

First let’s see some of the benefits that come with buying and using the Apple Vision Pro:

  • The Vision Pro is controlled by your eyes, hands, and voice, making it easy to navigate.
  • You can scale your view to your desired size using your fingers.
  • It’s a three-dimensional interface.
  • You can watch movies and play video games.
  • 3D camera. (You can capture spatial photos and spatial videos in 3D)

Apple Vision Pro's disadvantages

Though this device is a great advancement, some disadvantages come with it:

  • You can’t use it in a completely dark room.
  • It is not affordable for everybody (check the price section below).
  • You need an iPhone with iOS 17.2 or later.
  • Feels heavy on the head (1.32 to 1.43 pounds)

How much are the Apple Vision pros?

The Apple Vision Pro price starts from $3499, but it can go up with additional storage and customizable vision specs.

For those looking to manage the cost, Apple provides a payment plan where customers can pay $291.58 per month for a year.

Apple Vision Pro Perditions

Through the years, Apple has solidified its position as one of the leaders in the computer and consumer electronics industries. Given this track record, we can expect even greater advancements in the future for this remarkable device.

However, people might not buy this gadget, since the price is too high for most people.

frequently asked questions

If you wear glasses, you’ll require a set of magnetically attaching Zeiss correction lenses.

The Apple Vision Pro worldwide release date remains unannounced.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Apple Vision Pro users are enjoying this new Apple product as it represents a big leap in how we interact with technology, blending digital experiences seamlessly into our everyday lives.

While this innovation brings exciting opportunities for enhanced connectivity and entertainment, it’s important to also think about the concerns and safety implications that come with it. With Apple Vision Pro, the future of technology is now within reach.

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