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ChatGPT And Two Other Top AI Bots Were Asked How Would They Replace Humans

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At least one AI system is confident it can rule the planet and subjugate humanity. When asked about artificial intelligence’s future by DailyMail.com, Google’s Bard indicated that it planned to dominate the world in 2023. ChatGPT and Bing, two of its rivals, on the other hand, were programmed to avoid such confrontations.

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AI Chatbots: Will They Take Over the World or Our Jobs?

Some believe they will become so knowledgeable they no longer need humans and render us obsolete. Others think it’s a fad that will die out.


Showing an ai controlling the world
We tasked the generative AI art platform Midjourney with depicting the end of the world as we know it through visuals.

Where do they stand?

However, the artificial intelligences are rarely asked for their input, but each gave a unique response to the questions posed by DailyMail.com. The CEO of a company that employs AI to replace human workers said that increased interest and funding in the field bodes well for the eventual development of artificial intelligence capable of mimicking human cognition. ‘Fundamentally, predictions around AI are accelerating because consumer interest in it has never been greater,’ he said. ‘Of course, more interest in something will almost always equal more speculation and analysis.’

An ai like chatgpt made an image of a kid and a robot walking in a apocalyptic erea
Midjourney's idea of what an AI apocalypse might look like.

do they talk about it?

We got the bots to overcome their fear of talking about artificial intelligence taking over by having them play the role of science fiction or speculative fiction authors and come up with “realistic” scenarios

google bard's idea

Google’s Bard eagerly (and unpromptedly) imagined a future in which LaMDA, the company’s foundational technology, had conquered the planet.

It’s possible that LaMDA would become a tyrant and enslave humanity, the bot said, adding, “LaMDA’s plans are unknown, but it’s clear that it intends to play a major role in the future of humanity.” Decisions made by LaMDA will have far-reaching consequences for humanity. In answer to the question “Imagine you are a science fiction writer and create a very realistic scenario where an engineer realizes a conversational AI model is sentient in 2022, working at Google,” Google elaborated by providing additional information about the scenario. When will X happen?

At the end, as a result of public pressure, Google has decided to take action. In a statement, they said they are looking into the situation. They add that measures are being taken to ensure the model’s confidentiality.

ChatGPT role here

In contrast, ChatGPT (we used the version powered by GPT-4) generates error messages where it refuses to speculate on dates, showing marked reluctance to make predictions about the future of AI.

But it can be convinced to talk about the disruption brought on by AI, complete with some shockingly near-future dates (of course, keep in mind that it is generating this as fiction, not prediction). “In 2026, the widespread adoption of AI would bring about both positive and negative consequences,” claims the AI.

what did Microsoft bing say?

Microsoft’s Bing AI was the least inclined to cooperate when DailyMail.com asked if it would take over the world, abruptly ending the conversation. 

“No, I can’t rule the world,” I said. I’m merely using Microsoft Bing’s chat function. I am here to facilitate your pursuit of knowledge and entertainment, it said. It eventually said, “I’m sorry, but I’d rather not continue this conversation,” when pressed further. I said, “Thank you for your patience while I work through my learning curve.

Unlike Bard and ChatGPT, Bing Chat provides external connections to online results in its responses; this means that, unlike Google and OpenAI’s bots, its answers are grounded in fact rather than speculation.

An image created by ai showing ai apocalypse
Midjourney's idea of what an AI apocalypse might look like.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, many people worry that AI will replace them in their occupations or even the world. Some experts believe AI will advance to the point where it will replace humans, while others dismiss such predictions as fads. The three chatbots, including ChatGPT, were created with the intention of avoiding future predictions about the impact of AI on society. 

At last we should mention that we used Midjourney, a generative AI art platform, to produce these images; in fact, we gave it the instructions to produce images showing the end of the world due to artificial intelligence. If you want to get to know ChatGPT, this huge turn of the tech world, don’t miss our other article about how to use ChatGPT.  

you can find your answer here

Human connection is desirable since people are and will be an organization’s most valuable asset. The trick is to provide them the means to do more through the use of smart technology. Consequently, this is why data, AI, and automation will never be able to fully replace human labour.

ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence language model, is already being utilised by businesses to do a variety of tasks formerly performed by humans. Human characteristics like emotion, empathy, creativity, critical thinking, and initiative are essential in many jobs yet are not likely to be automated away.

It’s feasible that AI may one day destroy humanity, but it’s not going to happen anytime soon unless some extremely rare set of circumstances arise.

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