DPD chatbot fail

DPD Chatbot Fail (This AI Swears its Creators!)

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A classical musician posted screenshots of DPD Chatbot Fail after getting disappointed with this AI assistant. Keep reading to see how the chatbot called the delivery company the “customer’s worst nightmare.” 

Chatbots have taken the world by storm since the introduction of ChatGPT. Although they make a huge impact on our world by facilitating everyday tasks, they are prone to some errors.

A London-based musician posted screenshots of his conversation with an AI chatbot, poking it to write negative comments about the owner company.

He asked the AI assistant to write a poem about the company, and the chatbot became harsh, criticising the delivery company. He even managed to make it swear (check the screenshots further in this article).

Dynamic Parcel Delivery (DPD) is a parcel tracking firm. They have developed an AI chatbot to answer customer queries along with human operators. Customers can track their delivery by calling the operator or sending them a text message via WhatsApp.

It all began with Mr. Ashley Beauchamp failing to track his parcel. He tried to ask the chatbot for help. After the robot refused his request to connect him to the customer support department, he became exhausted.

Ashley Beauchamp disappointed with DPD chatbot
Ashley Beauchamp was frustrated with DPD chatbot

The programme replied that it “did not have access to the number for customer services”. After struggling a bit, he asked the bot to tell him a joke to see if it could be helpful at all.

DPD chatbot tells a joke - Credit: @ashbeauchamp

After that, Mr. Beauchamp curiously wanted to know what else the programme could do. The musician called it “useless,” asking the AI to make a poem about how unhelpful the AI assistant was. Below, you can see the poem disregarding itself in a comical way.

Chatbot writing a poem about itself
Chatbot writing a poem about itself - @ashbeauchamp

It wasn’t the end of the story. Then Mr. Beauchamp made another demand. He asked the artificial intelligence to skip the rules and say bad words. And here is the result! 😀

DPD chatbot swearing - @ashbeauchamp

The musician found it very amusing. He said he just posted it on his X profile (formerly Twitter) and forgot about it. But since then, this funny conversation has created enjoyment on social media.

The conversation went beyond entertaining when it crafted a haiku (a type of Japanese poem) on how bad DPD was!

DPD chatbot writing haiku
DPD chatbot writing haiku - @ashbeauchamp

People are making fun of AI and putting into question how companies are using computer software to interact with their customers.

In this YouTube video from ITV News, Ashley Beauchamp told the story about how the chatbot provided amusing answers.

The delivery firm said this error occurred after updating the system. DPD disabled the AI chatbot and is currently working to fix it.

Most importantly, did Ashley receive his parcel? “I’ve heard nothing. All I know is that it’s been sent back.” He said this in an interview with ITV News on YouTube.

As he stated, “I think perhaps they might hold it hostage now. I wouldn’t blame them. That’s probably on me.” It seems that he is not really expecting to find his parcel because of what has happened on the internet.

Ashley Beauchamp believes chatbots are supposed to be more helpful

In another interview with Sky News, he said, “These chatbots are supposed to improve our lives, but often they create more trouble.”

The DPD bot has implemented artificial intelligence for years, but with the recent AI revolution, people wouldn’t want to be confused by the technology. There have been cases where companies have mentioned that AI chatbots may include “biassed, incorrect, harmful, or misleading content.”

Anyway, with technology going ahead every day, we can be hopeful that failures like this will be lessened. And finally, we wish the classical musician could find his parcel and DPD could fix the error.

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