Edge vs Chrome

Edge vs Chrome; Which One Is Better?

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If you are interested to know the difference between Edge vs Chrome, this article will be helpful.

Some features make each of them special. Do you want to know which browser is faster, has more options, and which one is safer?

Keep reading to tell you which one has more efficiency. So, how do the two browsers stack up? In this Edge versus Chrome comparison, we discover and decide whether it’s time to consider switching truly.

Table of Contents

Edge vs Chrome

We all know web browsers are the gateways of the internet to get access to the massive world of every and many things.

As a result, selecting an internet browser becomes a vital undertaking that many overlook.

Chrome: Speedy performance and advanced features
Chrome: Speedy performance and advanced features

For example, you’ve certainly heard many jokes about how Google Chrome consumes all of your RAM.

Even when giants like Microsoft Edge add ChatGPT-based AI functionality, people hesitate to switch browsers. So, how do the two browsers stack up?

The two leading tech corporations in the world, Microsoft and Google, present their flagship browser products as Edge and Chrome.

Browsers are the means by which “internet search” is presented as a product, allowing displaying adverts to grow into a multi-billion-dollar industry. Therefore, it should go without saying that both of these browsers have a lot on the line.

Edge and Chrome can be downloaded and used on various devices and operating systems without charge.

Both browsers are constructed on top of Google’s open-source Chromium browser. What AOSP is to One UI and Pixel UI, Chromium is to Edge and Chrome.

Although the two browsers have a similar framework, there are several notable distinctions that we shall discuss in the following sections.

The appearance of both browsers is strikingly similar. The overall layout, button placement, and other user experience features are all extremely similar. One is not a carbon replica of the other.

However, if you were planning to travel in any direction, you’d be at home in a matter of minutes.

However, the out-of-the-box appearance of Edge on the desktop is noticeably busier than Chrome.

Chrome: Sleek and Modern Design for the Best Web Experience
Chrome: Sleek and Modern Design for the Best Web Experience

Chrome will likely seem incredibly easy to use and familiar to many people. Edge continues to be clouded by Microsoft’s reputation from the latter years of Internet Explorer, the years that allowed Chrome to emerge and take its place in the first place.

As a result, many users need to get past their prejudice to give Edge a fair chance. Beyond that, there are similarities between the two browsers.

The browsers on Android differ noticeably. Chrome uses a top-heavy design, with most interaction components located around the top status bar.

Because there is nothing on the bottom edge, your scrolling experience is rather limitless. However, on larger phones, you’d have to do some finger gymnastics to access any menus or features.


The edge balances the heaviness at the top and bottom. The bottom contains basic navigation components such as forward and back and extra features such as the three-dot menu, the tab switcher, and the share icon.

The profile switcher, address bar, and reload button are all located at the top. So, in most cases, you will see less stuff on the screen, but you will have an easier time operating the browser because everything is within reach of your thumb.

Chrome vs Edge Features

Because both browsers are built on the same browser engine (Chromium), the functionality on their desktop versions are similar.

Edge features a “read aloud” option that vocalizes any underlined text; however, it isn’t particularly effective in languages other than English.

On the other hand, Edge has several fascinating features that stand out on mobile.

Edge: Your Personalized Browsing Experience with Customizable Options
Edge: Your Personalized Browsing Experience with Customizable Options

When navigating to a different tab or window, the floating video functionality allows users to shrink a currently playing video and position it on the screen.

The news guard function examines news outlets that users visit and warns them of the website’s credibility.

Users can utilize the sync capability to sync data between devices using their Microsoft accounts.

While the data currently only consists of bookmarked URLs, settings, passwords, and form data, Microsoft is working to allow users to sync open tabs, extensions, and browser history.

On the other hand, Chrome is better integrated with widely used apps such as Google Docs and Google Translate (far superior to Microsoft’s Bing Translate).

Chrome’s synchronization mechanism is also significantly more comprehensive, filling in all the gaps left by Edge.


Privacy in Edge offers three tracking protection settings:

  • basic
  • balanced
  • struct

 Additionally, users can permit specific websites to work around security measures in all three modes.

Users can see who or what they are being protected from by looking at the list of prohibited trackers.

Finding out which rules apply to software like Windows 11 and which ones seem to Edge might be perplexing because Microsoft has so many different products.

Chrome commonly uses user information to customize the information, search results, and advertisements users see while online.

Compatibility with Platforms

  • Chrome has been around for a long and is available on the majority of platforms, including Windows 7 and up, Linux (Ubuntu support), macOS (10.10 and up), iOS (12.0 and up), iPadOS, Android (5.0 and up), Fedora, Debian, OpenSUSE, and ChromeOS.
  • Edge is compatible with Windows 7 and later, macOS 10.12 and later, iOS (iPadOS) 11.0 and later, and Android 4.4 and later.
    Linux support is actively being developed, allowing compatibility with Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, and OpenSUSE.
    There appear to be no plans to provide Edge compatibility with ChromeOS.
Experience the Web Like Never Before; Chrome and Edge at Your Service
Experience the Web Like Never Before; Chrome and Edge at Your Service

With several operating systems and platforms in use, the worldwide online population will visit websites through various browser-OS combinations—test websites on over 3000 devices.

BrowserStack’s actual device cloud supports browser-OS pairings.

Is Microsoft Edge Better Than Chrome?

Edge is judged unlikely to succeed in 2023, with the ability to compete with Google Chrome and redefine search as we know it.

It has distinguished itself with numerous amazing features and performance highlights.

However, it will take something extraordinary to dethrone it because Chrome browser features have been around for a while and have had an extremely high acceptance rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Their major drawback is the lack of privacy. Through the Edge browser, Bing, and Windows devices, Microsoft can learn a lot about its customers. There is a limited ability to disable data collecting in Edge.

According to our testing, Chrome outperforms Edge by a large margin (481 to 329). Chrome and Edge, both available on Windows 1, offer great web performance, with fast loading times and low reaction times.

It’s easy to personalise the browser’s homepage, it loads quickly, it has a screenshot tool built in, tabs can be stacked, and it supports progressive web apps. Some Microsoft-specific URLs will only load in Edge, the default web browser in Windows 11.

Final Thoughts…

Although the functionality of the browsers Edge vs Chrome is similar, people may prefer one over another due to the user interface and the effort required to switch.

Edge’s growing popularity among web developers makes it a great contender for cross-browser testing.

Expect a considerable proportion of only users to browse any page via Edge, making Microsoft Edge testing an absolute must.

This would be done in tandem with Chrome testing to ensure optimal cross-browser compatibility.

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