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Google Bard vs. ChatGPT; The Difference And Priorities

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There is great competition between google bard vs. chatgpt. Artificial intelligence has made massive progress in everything. While chatgpt has become popular, google bard is created to show its capability. The point is, which one is more intelligent? What are their merits and drawbacks? Please keep reading to find out more about them.

Table of Contents

What is Chatgpt?

In 2022 OpenAI launched Chat GPT. Since then, a huge fan of artificial intelligence has tried many topics. With the power of machine learning, this chatbot answers all the queries in a fluent human dialogue form. Some of the popular topics chat gpt can generate are Code and programming.

  • Description of products
  • Blog posts
  • Email drafts
  • Transcription of podcasts or meeting

What is google bard?

Based on the LaMDA big learning algorithm, Google’s Bard chatbot AI is an experimental and conversational tool. This Google AI is a generative artificial intelligence that can be trained to respond to questions and requests for information by writing answers, summaries, and original content. Bard also helps with research by summarizing relevant online content and linking to further reading on the subject. We don’t know all of Bard’s abilities just yet. Yet, Google has given us a few instances of this:

  • Organize a baby shower for a friend who is expecting a child.
  • Identify and contrast the similarities and differences between two films nominated for an Oscar.
  • Plan your lunch around the food you already have in the fridge.
An infographic about ChatGpt and Google Bart
When comparing Bard with ChatGPT, which one is superior?





Open AI


Language model

A sort of deep learning model known as a Generative Pre-trained Transformer, or GPT, is employed to generate text that appears to have been written by humans.

Google’s Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA)  

Data sources

ChatGPT ia trained using a massive dataset of text that included Common Crawl, Wikipedia, books, papers, documents, and content scraped from the open internet; however, its sources stop in 2021, which limits its ability to keep up with the most recent research and happenings from all over the world.

Bard was trained on Infiniset, a data set that includes Common Crawl, Wikipedia, documents, and chats and dialogues from the web; it is expected that Bard would scan the web in real-time to identify the most recent research and answers to inquiries.


ChatGPT is free to all users; ChatGPT Plus is billed at $20/month for extra features.

Bard is free to users who have access.

Search Engine Integration


ChatGPT has given Bing a significant boost due to greater relevancy.

One could assume that Google would be in the lead in this particular category. But, it made some embarrassing mistakes during the launch and demonstration of Bard, and it is now much behind in terms of search engine integration.



In this respect, ChatGPT is light years ahead of the competition. The existing classifier does a decent job of looking for instances of plagiarism.

Currently, Google Bard is not equipped with any form of anti-plagiarism technology.

When comparing Google Bard with Chat GPT, which one is superior?

Chat GPT is better at creating and summarizing content, whereas Google Bard will be better at exposing relevant material to inquiries. When comparing the two, it is crucial to realize that both ChatGPT and Google Bard were developed with small distinctions in mind. Yet, it is still early days for both tools, and only time will tell which one is more successful than the other.

Commonly asked questions

The maximum number of parameters that can be handled by Bard is 1.6 billion, while ChatGPT’s limit is six billion. A plagiarism checker is also absent. While ChatGPT is limited to using the less robust Bing search engine, Bard gets access to the whole Google search results page.

When compared to Google, Chat GPT may be a huge time saving because it can provide immediate answers to a broad variety of topics without the need for additional investigation. Due to its limited real-world knowledge, Chat GPT is confined to its textual training.

You’ll be relieved to know that Google Bard doesn’t cost anything. The Bard website now accepts sign-ups for a public waiting list to begin utilising the AI chatbot. Google’s “conversational AI service,” Bard, is now limited to select areas.

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