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A New iPhone Keyboard Case to Type Anywhere

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Since it was introduced at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, we can find various reviews on this iPhone keyboard case on the net. There are mixed opinions about this innovative iPhone case. Some have liked it, and some have not.

 In this article, we’re going through the positive and negative points of this new keyboard case for iPhone.

Table of Contents

What is Clicks iPhone Case?

Clicks is a silicon-made phone case for the iPhone. It brings a really tiny keyboard that you can connect to your phone without the need to charge it. With a smart design, you don’t need any cables to make it work.

It brings back old memories of when BlackBerry phones dominated the world. The virtual keyboard was a brilliant idea that Steve Jobs brought to the mobile universe. It entirely revolutionised the industry by blowing away other models.

But some users still have an eye for a real keyboard, whether it’s for functionality or nostalgia. These days, we do almost everything with our phones. However, as a writer, I personally prefer a rigid desktop keyboard to write my article.

The virtual keyboard is good for Instagram and Twitter, but if you want to type some large content or edit a document, it’s not as smooth as a physical one. So, I believe the idea is great.

Michael Fisher quote on phones with keyboard
Michael Fisher is a co-founder of Clicks case for iPhone

Now let’s see what this innovative case has for us.

Clicks Features

charging proceeds at the same speed when using passthrough port
Charging speed is unaffected by the passthrough interface, however, data transfer isn’t possible.

This gadget is not just a normal keyboard. It’s a combination of classic design and a user-friendly functional device. Here we’ll discuss the Clicks features for you:

  • Full-screen: The iPhone virtual keyboard takes up a part of the screen when you want to type something. An interesting benefit of Clicks is that it lets you make the most of your screen size.
  • Shortcuts: There are some buttons to call iOS applications, such as Siri. Besides, it’s possible to create shortcuts for other applications.
  • Pass through charging: You don’t need to take off this keyboard to charge your cellphone. You can easily plug in your Lightning or USB-C charger. It also supports wireless charging.
  • No Bluetooth and battery: It works with your phone’s power, so you don’t need to worry about charging it.
  • Light weight: It’s 62 grammes for the iPhone 14 model, which sounds logical for this gadget.
  • Vegan Leather: Although the upper enclosure is made of silicon, the back cover is crafted of artificial leather, making it an eco-friendly product.
Clicks case gives more screen size
iOS detects when the device is connected in and hide the virtual keyboard. (source: Mr.Mobile)

The Negative Sides of Clicks

While it gives you more screen space, it also makes your phone taller. The iPhone is already big, and it may not fit in your pocket with this wraparound case. Additionally, some users who have tried it at CES 2024 say that the precision is not reasonable as expected.

The click sound was once a winner for BlackBerry. It’s strange for a product called Clicks to not provide the click soundings! Anyway, people are different, and this product may be pleasing to some.

Clicks Case Price

For $139, you can have this case for your iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro. The price for the iPhone 15 Pro Max is $159. The iPhone 14 model is ready for shipment in February. The iPhone 15 Pro will be shipped in mid-March, and the iPhone 15 model is expected to be delivered in early spring.

Currently, it’s available in two colours: Bumblebee (yellow) and London Sky (blue-gray). There may be other finishes in the future.


As we mentioned in this article, Clicks is an iPhone keyboard case that can give you more screen size. You don’t need to remove it to charge your phone, and it comes in a fancy yellow color. If you were a fan of BlackBerry or another keypad mobile phone, this product might satisfy you.

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