Spotify AI playlist

Spotify AI playlist: A Game-Changer in Music Discovery

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Spotify, this popular music streaming app, is introducing another great feature: the Spotify AI playlist, designed to ease music discovery for its Premium subscribers. With nearly two billion discoveries happening daily on the platform, Spotify continues to bring fans closer to the artists they love.

Spotify AI Playlist

You are probably one of the 602 million users of Spotify and enjoy its brilliant features. Well, good news for you! Spotify has another amazing feature. Spotify AI playlist, allow for a highly personalized playlist creation process.

Simply by inputting a personalized prompt into the chat bot, users can begin the creation of playlists that are customized to their individual preferences and emotions. 

How Do You Give Prompts to the Spotify AI Playlist?

Whether you’re looking for “funky disco hits for a retro-themed dance party,” “jazzy instrumental tracks for a cozy evening by the fireplace,” or “motivational hip-hop songs for a morning run,” the AI Playlist feature caters to diverse preferences. Users can get creative with prompts referencing places, animals, activities, movie characters, colors, and even emojis.

Spotify AI playlist prompts
this is how you write prompts to Spotify AI playlist

The Spotify AI generator works best when the prompts cover a variety of genres, emotions, musicians, or decades. It is recommended that users experiment with different prompts in order to further perfect their playlist. Spotify promises constant improvement to enhance its user experience, even though it is still in beta.

How do you use Spotify AI Playlist Feature?

To access the AI Playlist feature, users can navigate to the Spotify mobile app, select “Your Library,” and tap the “+” button to find the AI Playlist option. From there, they can either choose from suggested prompts or craft their own.

After entering the prompt, Spotify works its magic by presenting a playlist of songs that complement the selected mood. With the ability to edit and customize the playlist according to their tastes, users can preview, remove, and rearrange tracks. Take a look at this video by showcasing the exciting features of this new innovation.


While designed to be fun and intuitive, Spotify emphasizes responsible prompting, with measures in place to prevent offensive content. With its exclusive focus on music-related prompts, the artificial intelligence makes sure customers have a smooth and pleasurable experience.

Is Spotify AI Playlist Available?

Users around the world are eagerly awaiting the release of Spotify AI in their areas as the company rolls out the AI Playlist beta. As of right now, users of Android and iOS devices in the United Kingdom and Australia can access Spotify AI playlist.

Spotify's AI DJ vs. Spotify AI playlist

Unlike Spotify’s AI DJ, which creates playlists based on your overall listening history, tastes, and time of day, the AI Playlist gives you more control and customization options by using specific prompts for each playlist you want to make.

Price Increases

However, the introduction of this new feature raises speculation about potential price increases for Spotify Premium subscriptions. Currently priced at $5.99 per month for students and $10.99 for individuals, Spotify may adjust its pricing structure to accommodate the added value of AI Playlist and other forthcoming features.

Spotify AI Playlist Success

Early user responses indicate that the AI Playlist function is well-received, with praise for its efficiency in playlist generation and potential as a music discovery tool.

With ongoing improvements and enhancements, Spotify remains committed to delivering the perfect musical experience tailored to each listener’s preferences.

Final Thoughts

in conclusion, the Spotify AI Playlist feature represents a significant step forward in Personalization Playlists, showing Spotify’s dedication to enhancing the user experience and staying ahead in the competitive music streaming landscape. We are excited to see how this new technology shapes music discovery.

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