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You should stop hunting for a versatile PHP framework since the FuelPHP framework is the answer to your problem. Fuel PHP framework is a fast and versatile platform to which many brilliant developers contributed.

Since 2010, developers have been working on it, and the Fuel framework team has grown over time. The first practical version was released in 2011; it was the type that may be utilized for development projects.

Despite the fact that Fuel is a lesser-known PHP framework, we attempted to present the most complete study of it in this post. Start by filling the tanks with “Fuel” and reading the article.

Table of Contents

What is Fuel PHP Framework?

Fuel PHP is an open-source and community-driven framework project that focuses on applying the best ideas of other PHP frameworks. A community-driven project or community-driven development (CDD) is a process, in which a team of developers works on a certain project and other people can join freely.

The purpose of some open-source projects is to keep the budget to a minimum; therefore, asking a group of technicians to contribute to the project is helpful. FuelPHP framework has gathered a group of over 300 developers since early 2011. Even some developers who have contributed to the CodeIgniter project came on board with the Fuel team.

fuelphp framework
FuelPHP framework is the result of professional developers’ contribution

The beauty of CDD initiatives is that they are the result of the collaboration of fantastic individuals with brilliant brains and real ideas.

The Fuel framework is a wonderful amalgamation of professional developers who put all of their efforts into building a comprehensive, yet lightweight framework. Fuel PHP is constantly seeking new ideas, and you can even join their team right now if you’re interested.

Fuel PHP Framework and Benefits of Gassing Up with Fuel!

Before starting working with Fuel PHP, make sure to build the mindset that you are working with a framework that has the exceptional brains of many developers behind it. Therefore, the Fuel PHP framework is all about innovation and care for details.

MVC, HMVC, and ViewModels Want More?

In general, the FuelPHP framework, like other PHP frameworks, follows the MVC pattern, although Fuel takes a step beyond and introduces new topologies. Fuel PHP also employs the HMVC (Hierarchical-Model-View-Controller) framework.

What is HMVC Structure?

The HMVC is a more sophisticated and efficient variant of the MVC. Let’s use an example to describe the model: imagine you run a restaurant and have an ordering app. Your app’s database has many types of data, such as a list of food names, a table of their ingredients, and pricing lists. These are the datasets that the client examines and orders based on.

Each dataset is a module, and each module has its own set of Controllers and Models. When a client makes a request, the request is routed via multiple models in order to obtain the necessary data and alert the appropriate Model.

fuel php framework
This is the HMVC model of a restaurant app that shows each module includes a unique MVC structure

You can see in the image that each module contains specialized data that is organized in a hierarchical framework. As a result, if a user makes a request and searches for an image of meal 1, the request will be routed through all of the modules to get the proper answer.

You may be surprised that this is a more efficient way, given that the entangled nature of its structure suggests that it is a time-consuming operation. This paradigm, on the other hand, is far more efficient than the MVC framework.

HMVC offers various benefits:

  • Better organization: All of your information is organized into modules.
  • Speed Efficiency: Because the data in this model are not heaped up in one Model, the request can be handled much faster because the data is cleanly categorized.
  • Extensibility: If you need to add more codes, for example, adding a new meal would be simple because everything is labeled. The developer will no longer have to deal with boilerplate code to determine the location of each component.
  • Reusable Structure: Working on large projects has always been a pain for developers since they must collaborate with other coworkers. They may work on separate modules without being bothered by HMVC. Furthermore, they may apply these programming patterns to future projects.

Working with the Fuel PHP framework allows you to make use of the HMVC structure. The Fuel framework also provides another data management mechanism called ViewModel in addition to this structure.

Model–View–ViewModel (MVVM) in FuelPHP Framework

This method’s structure is mostly identical to the previous ones. The ViewModel section has been introduced to store specific, fixed UI components. If a developer changes a controller in the UI, the entire design is ruined; as a result, some prefer to put the principles of the UI in the ViewModel.

In this instance, the data will be better organized and easier to comprehend, and nothing will interfere with the app’s business logic. This feature of FuelPHP is bliss for the developer and the user since the UI would stay the same even if the user leaves the app.

Even though it is basic and small, the Fuel framework provides a sufficient variety for its users to develop any Framework of PHP. Fuel PHP, like its PHP cousins, includes extensive documentation, strong security, secure authentication, and a lightweight ORM.

Oil Utility Powers up the Engine of Your App

The Oil is a special package for the FuelPHP framework, and as its name suggests it is to facilitate the command line and increase the speed of the development process. It can be used for multiple purposes, from building MVC components to running PHP Unit tests and debugging codes.

fuel framework
Fuel PHP has a comprehensive website that introduces its tools and features in details

The Fuel PHP did its hardest to achieve popularity, but its competitors are tough. If you want to employ the Fuel framework for your next web application development project, we recommend that you explore its disadvantages as well.

Fuel PHP Framework and Its Cons

Other fierce opponents of Fuel PHP would never allow it to become the dominant PHP framework; however, Fuel attempted to enlist the assistance of developers all around the world in order to remain free. As a result, it is unfair to compare it to well-known frameworks like Laravel, which have substantial financial backing.

Fuel’s documentation is still insufficient, and a developer may require third-party libraries.
In comparison to earlier frameworks like CodeIgniter, developers haven’t had the opportunity to work with Fuel, and it has a smaller community with roughly 1.4K GitHub starts, compared to 18.2K and 69.7K for CodeIgniter and Laravel, respectively.

Another issue that some of its users are concerned about is the vast number of Fuel PHP developers. If any of the team members resign, the framework will face major problems. However, the crew appears to have remained committed to the initiatives over the years.

frequently asked questions

It’s true that the GROW framework has its place in goal-oriented corporate situations, but the more flexible FUEL discussion structure is more suited to achieving behavioural results, challenging preconceptions, and fortifying the coach-coachee connection.

Because it is developed in PHP 5.3, the minimum version required for V1. x is 5.3. Cascading File System is a directory structure that is in part based on namespaces used by classes (it was influenced by the Kohana framework).

Your Tank is Full of Fuel PHP!

We have made every effort to give the most relevant information regarding the FuelPHP framework. Despite the fact that Fuel PHP is not a new framework, PHP developers have not had the opportunity to become better familiar with it.

Despite its sparse documentation and small size, the Fuel framework provides unexpected functions. If you choose the Fuel PHP framework, make sure to take use of all of its fantastic features and services.

If you have any queries regarding Fuel PHP, please contact us or leave a comment if you have worked with it before. Cyberia provides a wide range of web app development services, and we are here to assist you.

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