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Yii Framework Unleashed: Unravel The Full Potential Of Yii PHP Framework!

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The Yii framework introduces itself with phrases like fast, secure, efficient, and versatile. Other well-known frameworks have so dominated the PHP industry that the framework Yii PHP is no longer competitive.

However, the Yii PHP framework impresses PHP developers with its vast features. To examine these outstanding characteristics, we will create this post in order to grasp the benefits and drawbacks of working with Yii.

Yes, it is a basic, lightweight, and efficient PHP framework, and you will like it in the end. Please stick with us and let’s get started.

Table of Contents

What Is Yii Framework?

The word is of Chinese origin and it translates to “simple and revolutionary.” It is actually an abbreviation of the phrase “Yes, it is.” In essence, Yii was developed to address the issues found in another PHP framework called Prado. The first version was released in 2006 after some changes were made to it.

You may be getting tired of hearing these same phrases, but Yii is actually an open-source and high-performance framework, just like many others out there. The main difference of the Yii PHP framework is that it is a component-based PHP framework.

Component-Based programming and Object-Oriented Programming

Component-based programming is a method that organizes parameters into modules to make the interface simpler. There are different types of structures, and one of them is called an object-oriented model.

Object-oriented Programming (OOP) is a coding approach that offers numerous benefits. In this model, developers group related variables together in a unit called an object. Now, let’s take a look at the example provided below.

For instance, let’s say we need to find the average of the student’s scores:

yii framework
This picture is an example of an object-oriented structure

This model is designed to mimic a web application used by schools. It serves as a platform for storing student data, allowing students to access their grades, and enabling teachers to input numerical scores. To calculate the average, the system requires a range of data.

Instead of going through the entire database to find the information you need, the essential data is stored in a unit that is divided into two parts: the parameters and the method. In each unit, we typically have a collection of scores and a way to determine the average.

One of the benefits of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) is that when calculating the average of each student, you don’t have to run repetitive code on the framework. Instead, everything is more precise and clear because the function is already defined in the unit.

The Yii framework uses the OOP method to avoid messy boilerplate codes and build a simpler interface. In addition, employing object-oriented programming (OOP) can help minimize the chances of introducing errors when modifying code. If there is a need to change a small parameter, like a student’s midterm grade, only that specific unit will be updated while everything else remains unchanged.

This structure has a positive impact on the efficiency of the framework. Additionally, it allows for the reuse of components in future projects. Working on the Yii PHP application development framework comes with the advantage of having this feature. Get ready to discover some additional advantages of Yii.

Yii PHP Framework and Its Pros

The main reason why people choose PHP frameworks is because of their MVC architecture. When you use the MVC model, it helps to keep things clear and organized in the backend.

Yii is a framework that offers several other advantages:

  • Active Record ORM is a really useful feature that allows developers to store data in a structure called Object-Relational Mapping. This helps simplify things by reducing the complexity of dealing directly with the database.
  • Yii PHP has a robust set of features for authentication and authorization. It includes built-in tools like Access Control Filter (ACF) and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) that can be easily customized to meet the specific requirements of your web application.
  • Yii developers prioritize the speed of web applications, which is why the Yii framework provides four types of caching options: data caching, fragment caching, page caching, and HTTP caching.

Although there are already significant advantages, the Yii framework goes even further by offering additional professional features.

Built-in Bootstrap with Yii Framework

The Yii framework includes Bootstrap as part of its package. Many backend developers tend to enjoy the introverted and mysterious nature of coding behind their computers, which is why they may not be as fond of the vibrant and visually appealing environment of frontend development.

Users of the Yii PHP framework have the ability to incorporate Bootstrap into their projects by utilizing an extension provided by the framework.

framework yii php
Bootstrap extension in the Yii framework helps the developers to present a high-quality prototype

You might be wondering why we would need frontend elements in a backend framework. This feature is really useful when you want to show the prototype to the client. Without any CSS, everything looks dull and boring. Additionally, it assists clients in understanding the overall layout of the application.

Gride-View Structure

The Yii framework has a great feature called gride-view structure, which makes coding much simpler. To utilize this feature, developers can store the data sets in a MySQL database.

When it comes to rendering the data on the framework, only a few lines of code are required because Yii has the ability to read directly from the database.

The grid view model creates a user interface that is visually appealing and easy to use. It is very convenient because you can easily view and manage all of your data.

Expansive Community of Yii Users

Having a strong community of users greatly enhances the reliability of a framework. Developers often prefer working with frameworks that have a larger community.

This is because these frameworks have already been tested and debugged by other developers. The Yii PHP framework has a decent community of users, with around 4.8K GitHub stars.

It is kind of charming that Yii has a very active community and even has a Hall of Fame for its developers. You can check out the developers’ profiles, see what they’ve been up to on the forum, and learn about their achievements in the Hall of Fame.

Similar to Fuel PHP, Yii’s libraries were constructed by various developers who made contributions. Having a dynamic society is crucial for Yii.

It has gained popularity as a preferred option for developing frameworks of PHP, although there are situations where it might not be the most optimal choice.

Yii Framework Vulnerabilities

Some users find Yii to have a steep learning curve, which may not be attractive to beginners who prefer to start with simpler options. In addition, it is important for developers to have a good understanding of Object-Oriented Programming and the MVC structure in order to begin working with the Yii PHP development framework.

yii php framework
In some large-scale projects, Yii may not function efficiently

Additionally, Yii may not perform as efficiently for large-scale projects and may require multiple developers to work together simultaneously. Moreover, the Yii framework’s structure is a bit different from other frameworks and needs you to be very careful since one tiny mistake may lead to disaster, like a healthy kid but with a fragile body.

Although there is a helpful community of Yii users many people can actively participate in, it can still take a significant amount of time to fix a small bug. Yii is regularly updated, so you’ll need to wait for the next update. You can also hope that someone has already addressed the issue and found a solution on GitHub.

Working with each framework has its ups and downs, and finding the perfect one is unattainable; if you select Yii for your web app development projects, you can rely on its efficiency.

frequently asked questions

Yii is a component-based PHP framework for rapidly constructing large-scale Web applications. It allows for maximum reusability in Web programming and may substantially speed up the creation of Web applications. Yii (pronounced Yee or [ji:]) is an abbreviation for “Yes It Is!”

The Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework Yii is widely used in the PHP community.Its primary benefit is the exceptional speed and performance it provides. The framework is actively developed by the community, and it is simpler to learn and use than its competitors, both of which contribute to the quick growth of projects.

The Last Piece of Anecdote

The PHP framework world is vast and colorful, and the Yii PHP framework is one of the most influential frameworks of all. It is a versatile and safe choice for web development tasks. To be honest, the Yii framework may not be able to compete with other industry titans like Laravel and Symfony, but it still has a large following.

Coding will be considerably simpler and more effective with the framework Yii PHP. If you want to collaborate with Yii, please contact our expert team for assistance with your project. CyberiaTech provides a wide range of services, including PHP maintenance; please contact us for more information. Good luck with your code.

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