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Yii2 React: A Beautiful Love Story in Web Development

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Everybody thinks about technical programming phrases when someone talks about Yii2 and React. Still, people need to think about the vast range of valuable applications and websites which these two helped to build. In this article, whether you are a programmer or not, you will find out the power of Yii2 as a web framework and React as a JavaScript library and the powerfulness of their collaboration with simple examples.

The Meet Of The Giants In Love: Yii2 And React

Imagine that you want to build a construction that you want to develop and be that trustful to live in for a long time. You need to have reliable tools and suitable raw materials, and as the first step, you must know them very well to choose the right and appropriate ones.

What You Need To Know About Yii2

(It has an article on our website) Yii is pronounced as “Yee” in Chinese, and just as a word, it means “simple and evolutionary”, and it can stand for “Yes It Is!” But as a programming concept, it is a fast, open-source, object-oriented and efficient PHP framework that follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern (We introduced MVC in the Codeigniter PostgreSQL article) and provides a wide range of tools and features for developing web applications efficiently.

Come From The Love Story To The Real World

Now is the time to introduce you to the most famous websites and web applications which use Yii2 and React for their backend and front end. We know of 13,662,307 live websites using React, an additional 7,115,982 sites that used React historically, and 2,574,350 websites in the United States.

Which Famous Websites Or Applications Use Yii2 And React

Since writing this article, there has yet to be any renowned website or web application that uses these two simultaneously, but according to favourite updates, it will happen soon. We will write you the most famous examples separately.

Famous Websites Or Applications Use Yii2

As we described and now you know about the advantages of Yii2, more than 600 companies use the Yii framework, and here are some of the largest and most interesting ones:

  • SkillShare: It is an American online learning platform that sponsors the Yii framework developers and actively uses it in their projects.
  • iRobot: The US robot vacuum cleaner manufacturer uses Yii for its iRobot Select membership website
  • HumHub: HumHub is open-source software for accelerated social network development. Based on the Yii framework, it allows users to work with data through the database management systems (DBMS) MySQL and MariaDB.
  • Kia Corporation: Kia is an automobile manufacturing company. Some of their IT projects are built using Yii and Vue.js frameworks. Our team developed these projects.
  • Litnet: com is a platform for self-published writers and an online library. The website is available in Russian, Ukrainian, English, and Spanish. In addition to the Yii framework, the website’s technology stack includes Memcached and Redis caching systems, RabbitMQ message broker, and MySQL DBMS.
  • Craft CMS: Craft is a content management system that uses the Yii framework and can connect to MySQL and PostgreSQL to store data.
  • 2GIS: 2GIS is a free city map with contact details of all organisations. The backend of the web application uses the Yii framework and PostgreSQL DBMS. The Sphinx system and C++ daemons are responsible for the multi-criteria search. Nginx + Lua, Redis, and Alternative PHP Cache do the caching.
  • Sonic Electronix: Sonic Electronix is a US eCommerce retailer of speciality consumer electronics. Their website uses the Yii framework, jQuery library, and CoreJS framework.
  • Jayco: Inc. is a company that manufactures recreation vehicles to the tune of nearly 50,000 each year. In 2016, it was acquired by Thor Industries for $576 million. Their website uses the Yii framework, Bootstrap.js, and JQuery library.
  • Vivint: Viving is a smart home company based in the US and Canada. Their website is built using the Yii framework and Bootstrap.js.

There are many more examples of websites and web applications which use Yii2 that you can find easily with a simple search.

I think you now feel the importance of Yii2 in the professional field.

Famous Websites Or Applications Use React

React has gained popularity among leading businesses in recent years, with the best websites built with it, and its advantages are demonstrated by the variety of companies that use it; this results in 19,602,636 users, and this population is growing daily.

Here are some famous examples of these technology, entertainment, and media industries:

  • Airbnb: Airbnb is an increasingly common internet travel agency for reserving unusual lodging. Technically, the Airbnb website is made with React, which enables it to quickly and effectively render and update the vast amounts of data presented on the site, such as listings of available rentals and user ratings.
  • Netflix: To produce a novel experience for TVs and gaming consoles, Netflix had to reexamine its present UI technology stack and identify new ways to make single-page web apps with the right building blocks.

As network latency impacts Netflix’s startup performance, startup speed was one of the major bottlenecks. With their current tech stack, the Netflix team found it challenging to reduce the number of network queries and processing time required to create the home screen. React allowed them to create a hybrid approach that enables delivering above-the-fold startup markup through server-side rendering on the initial load.

  • Uber Eats: Using the food delivery service Uber Eats, customers can place orders and make payments for meals at affiliated restaurants. The service is offered in a select few cities across the globe. React, a JavaScript toolkit for creating user interfaces, was used to develop UberEats.
  • Dropbox: The well-known cloud-based file-sharing and storage service Dropbox, was created using React. React enables the creation of recyclable components, which makes it an excellent alternative for creating complicated and expansive systems like Dropbox. Built on React, Dropbox’s web client enables users to examine, manage, and collaborate on their files, folders, and documents and access, upload, download, and share their files straight from the browser.
  • X: X (Previously named Twitter) is one of the world’s most well-known social networking platforms, with more than 320 million active users per month. React, a JavaScript user interface construction toolkit created the platform.

By enabling programmers to construct unique components that can be modified without reloading the website, React has made X a more responsive and dynamic platform. This has improved X’s speed and usability, two crucial elements to its success.

  • Facebook: Facebook has since replaced the platform’s original PHP code with ReactJS, a JavaScript library developed by Facebook. Facebook can build expansive, intricate applications with ReactJS that modify data without refreshing the page. As a result, the user experience is more responsive and fluid.

ReactJS has been utilised by Facebook since 2013 and is now present in various areas like the news feed, messenger, and advertisements.

  • PayPal: It is an online payment platform built with React that makes it simple for people and companies to send and receive payments. One of the primary application areas in PayPal is its user interface built with React. Users can easily explore the website, manage their accounts, and conduct transactions with a straightforward and user-friendly layout.

PayPal developers can create and upgrade the checkout feature using React, giving customers a safe and dependable way to complete transactions. The mobile apps for PayPal were also developed using React.

  • Reddit: The enormous discussion forum is the leading internet hub for news, entertainment, and lively debates.

Reddit’s decision to switch to React JS was driven by the platform’s primary goal of simplifying content sharing. Thanks to the JavaScript library in its technical toolkit, Reddit has offered its users the ability to publish veritable content, ranging from text postings to images, with only a few clicks.

  • Discord: It is where gamers worldwide come together online, a safe place where people connect over their shared love of gaming and form friendships. With its good UI, Discord allows gamers to communicate in various ways, such as sending messages, sharing screenshots of winning moments, or engaging video chats during intense gameplay.

React is a powerful JavaScript library that covers 98% of Discord’s software, serving as the platform’s technical backend for its great communication features.

  • Trello: This web-based task management system ran on Coffeescript and the Backbone JS framework for nearly ten years. However, considering the dynamic environment and evolving requirements, it was time to adopt more modern technologies. They started the migration process by transitioning from Backbone Views to React Components.


Q: Is Yii still used?

A: Yii2 Framework is not dead. However, some developers may consider it outdated compared to other modern web development frameworks such as Laravel, Ruby on Rails, and NodeJS. Nonetheless, many websites still use Yii2 for backend development due to its efficiency, stability, and scalability.


Finally, combining Yii2 and React in web development offers a robust, dynamic, and efficient solution. Their harmony enables developers to quickly create modern, responsive, and feature-rich web applications. Controlling their combined potential unlocks endless possibilities for engaging digital experiences. Ask us if there is any question about these issues and leave comments for our experts to respond.

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