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User Interface and User Experience Design

Sarix the cryptocurrency-based application

For the user who is working in a cryptocurrency subject, it is a great application. It focuses on giving a better vision and functionality to the user; it is an efficient application to implement various visions.

An explanation about Sarix

Generally, this application contains four pages, that try to increase the efficiency of the application. As a user you can simply access every element you want, you can do your trades and decide what currency you want to work on at the time.

You have accessibility to all of your charts even in the mobile version. On the home page, you can see your total balance; actually, you have control over your wallet. It includes all of the cryptocurrencies.

This application makes every detail of this subject more visual for the user; it is one of the biggest advantages of the sarix application. You can see everything you want without worrying about missing an important point at a specific time.

It includes total information about all of your activities. This multi-currency crypto wallet app put all knowledge about your wallet in front of you on the home page. You can review all of the potential information and chart to have a general idea about the whole situation of your activity.

It divides data very clearly for the user including the whole profit, login tool to the market, etc. Also, by maximizing the charts you are going to have a clear vision and control over the trades and market. 

You also have the history of all your trades with the exact date and time. You have accessibility to the various charts based on the worldwide activities; you immediately can exchange your trades.

One of the creativities of this application is you have a circle on the top of the home page, which separates all currencies in a circle based on the color. 

Another functionality of this app is news. Currency market changes are extremely fast and the user needs to have access to the latest news as soon as possible; with this functionality, the user can follow the news instead of having a look at the market.

We have a candle stick chart to clarify the highest and lowest price to the user and specify the start and end of the market at a specific point.

Users can exchange different cryptocurrencies with each other; it gives a great opportunity for the situation that you want to exchange different crypto with each other.

We try to give you a general explanation of Sarix, the multi-currency crypto wallet app; it’s a good and clear vision for the stock brokers to work more efficiently and be more comfortable. We tried to solve and clear different ambiguities in this system.


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