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User Interface and User Experience Design

Magico, The long-lasting love potion! 

Real match in the virtual world! Despite other dating applications, Magico’s awe-inspiring approach blows the user’s mind. The time you enter this application, the profound approach reveals itself. This app focuses on finding your real match in the virtual world.

Due to a hectic lifestyle and pandemics, we have all felt solitude. Technology has changed our communication and most relationships. Magico aims to solve this problem. Instead of wasting your time, this app focuses on finding your perfect match who is more likely to be your soulmate! We have spent much time on user research to understand why other dating apps don’t work for long-lasting relationships. We have found and delivered the solution to the users! 

In this application, we have focused on optimizing the user experience in a way that they have never experienced in any dating applications. We have considered all the essential aspects of starting a new and healthy relationship. But let’s see how this application works!

An application for magical dates! Other dating apps trap users in an endless loop of shallow dates. While entering this application, users are asked to fill in the information boxes. Unlike other dating apps, Magico requires more precise information, like ethnicity, religion, and education; it also asks about the different characteristics one may consider for their partner. With this information, the app focuses on finding and offering the user a limited number of matches (4). The user can choose from the four recommended people in a limited time. The word “limited” may pop up questions in your mind. Due to human nature, while overwhelmed with a pile of objects, we often fail to choose the right one. This app receives the users’ feedback to optimize its suggestions. 

In the design of this application, we have applied the “ladies first” approach. Girls will choose first! In the beginning, girls will be presented with four guys and have limited time to choose between these four guys. Then they send a chat request to the guys, but the guys will decide to accept or deny the request.

Again, due to human nature, too many options make decision-making hard. So, you must have limited active chats! While researching the users, market, and similar applications, we conclude that in this way, the users may result better. The first reason is that choices and time are limited. The other reason is that more detailed and precise data about your personal interests offer you more suitable matches.

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