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User Interface and User Experience Design

Install Motorista and ...

Motorista eliminates misuse of time for both employers and drivers!

If you want full authentication over your drivers, Motorista is the correct answer!

This application offers a convenient and straightforward user experience to the users. Time management ability will give you a chance to set the plans on a roll. 

Motorista is an application for drivers and employers. This application offers features like updating the driver’s daily schedule and task assignments. It also indicates the drivers’ location, and you can track them. 

It also allows employers to track the drivers on the map and estimate the arrivals. This application acts as a checklist for drivers. You can define their tasks, set a plan, and track them while they are accomplishing them. 

While designing this application, we have considered the primary employers’ concern, time management! With solid and propound research, we have prepared a seamless design for both employers and drivers. This application profits both employers and drivers. With Motorista, plan an organized day with the least wasted time.

Time management has always been challenging for employees and employers, but we have delivered the solution with Motorista. Motorista has focused on simplifying time management; this application has been designed to respond quickly. We have avoided unnecessary features while designing in order to accelerate task accomplishment and save time.

While the user visits the application, it is like he is entering the wonderland of regularity and colors.

An exciting feature of this application is that the drivers are aware of the whole day plan. They are able to see their next task and they can update their status and finished tasks. Repetitive tasks are reminded to the drivers on a daily basis. At the end of the day, the employer and the driver are informed about finished and upcoming assignments.

Now let’s check on the technical knowledge used in Motorista. in the case of the development process, this application has been built based on ReactNative and Firebase. Hence, the performance is satisfactory as possible. The user experience design has delivered a super straightforward task accomplishment, and the user interface design caresses the user’s eye in the firm and stable environment of time management. Everything in this application stands in its own place to facilitate management. Using this application could be time-consuming too. Instead of calling, you can communicate with your team in the app. This application is undeniably valuable.

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