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User Interface and User Experience Design

Soiree, The Best Event Planning App À La Mode

Planning parties and events can be a frustrating task since we are all swamped these days, you don’t want to forget to invite a dear friend for sure. Soiree is a platform that allows users to customize events and parties and share them with others.

Soiree and Its Functions

It is an event planner application that allows its users to create various events and customize them. Soiree allows you to create private events like birthday parties and public events like an art gallery tour.

Art Deco, Like French, Like Soiree

For its UI design, we preferred to use the “Art Deco” style to keep in line with the sophistication and the vibrant atmosphere of Paris in the 20th century.

As you can observe, the logo is designed with a chic and fancy gold color, alongside the angular and geometric shape of the bird.

Make a Profile and Set an Event on Soiree!

Setting up a profile on Soiree is very easy; you should use your phone number for authentication, and you will receive an OTP (One-time Password) to enter the app.

Things you have to modify in Soiree:

  • Put down your name
  • Define your gender
  • Add a photo
  • Choose your interests (related events will come up in your feed)
  • You can add your friends
  • Choose between private and public account


Time to Plan Your Party!

You have to define some characteristics for each party:

  • Public or private event (guests can only join via link to private events)
  • Give a name to your party
  • Add the event’s location
  • Pick a date, time, and a ticket number
  • Add the description and choose the event’s category
  • Define the gender ratio    
  • Add a picture for your event

If you have been invited to an event you will receive a notification that authorizes you to accept or deny the request, this feature works for all types of events. You can view the participants and for a host, canceling the events is possible.

Soiree provided this possibility for its users to create a chatroom for the party’s participants where they can arrange things. As a guest, if you have found some abusive or misleading content or even events, you can easily report it.


Benefits of Using Soiree

Soiree is the greatest solution when you want to gather a group of like-minded people. It can be a significant help for university students, especially the international students who can meet new people and socialize more.

Local university students can use Soiree to showcase their projects with a minimum budget so as amateur artists. An enthusiastic football player can gather up their team very easily, and no one will be missed.

Enjoy Your Evening in French Style!

Soiree provides a solution for busy human beings to arrange a time to engage with their leisure-time activities and socialize more. Be classy. ladies and gentlemen, and use Soiree!

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