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User Interface and User Experience Design

Grant the best travel experience with Bunic; the travel management application

You will definitely be titled an indeed Hodophile person if you love to travel deeply. You may not realize it, but your spirit is a treasure trove of positive qualities like adventurer, empathy, self-aware, and self-esteem. Seeking out novel experiences requires a plan and a place to go. Bunic is a real Voyager! Why? Well, it takes care of all the options you may face during the trip. It is a full-option travel application and more! How come? Let’s see how does it work?

Outer impressions: What you see the time you install the app is to add your personal info

One for all, all for one; the app is totally designed for group traveling. We all have travel buddies with the same interests. Bunic makes that happen. While setting your plan, you can add friends and notify them about that specific resting place. 

Besides, by poll, you can find out what your friends think about the destination. The app is a complete itinerary. To provide lists of the places you will visit on a journey. Each day you have a to-do list, so you won’t miss a single spot during the trip with your friends.  Don’t worry about the money; you don’t have to say it’s my treat! Everyone has to pay for their tickets and hotels. 

Usability easiness; everything starts from the first step that you open the app and set your profile information. Then you search for your favorite destination, find your ideal hotel, and choose your flight ticket.  The point is the app is much friendlier compared to other similar apps. You feel much more reliable and smooth at each part of setting a travel plan. Every created option is built to have an open hand on what you want to feel during your journey individually. 

Downright sociable; you can see other people’s experiences, chat with them and see which destination gets the most rate and what are the positive and negative points. Moreover, the nearest and most popular places, where are the stamping grounds, are mentioned for you to have the most incredible experience ever.  

Interior impression: the developing process

Bunic is a cross-platform application available for Android and iOS operating systems. It is built by the popular ReactNative and Firebase, giving you a seamless performance. So you don’t have any problem while using the app. The UI/UX is as minimalist as possible to ensure you won’t confuse in any step. What’s more? It doesn’t need to be online all the time; it works offline if you want to check some information from the recorded experience.

Bunic is not just a travel management app is something beyond that the Cyberia Tech serves you. Ideally, it brings about a chance to live in the moment every second of your trip. You need Bunic to tick your next Odyssey!

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