Smart Cuboid – Eco friendly food containers






User Interface and User Experience Design

A way to have a greener life. Cuboid, eco-friendly application

Are you a fan of having a clean environment? The cuboid is one of the efficient solutions for you. It is an eco-friendly land of reusable stuff and contains three functional applications. The purpose of this application is to focus on reducing consumerism. New perspectives are aware of the importance of having a healthy environment.

The demand for the reusable container

Based on the society and environment the demand for the reusable container is growing. It’s hard to see that our earth is going to surround by disposable containers and it has an impact on issues that threaten our lives. 

The cuboid is here with a great idea; restaurants are having trouble with disposable containers and they are unrecyclable items that are harmful to the body and earth.

This application is coming up with the idea to solve this problem and provide a healthier environment. Cuboid contains three applications; one of them is available to the customer, and they can enter the google or Facebook account to the application and have three pages.

One of them contains a delivered container, the other one for a not delivered container and one of them just contains a QR code. It has another function for the payment which contains a tiny strip.

Customers have a time and number limitation for returning containers; this idea will help those who care about the environment and encourage other people to think and care about this subject. 

The second application is a simple QR scanner, that is available for the reception of the restaurant to scan your container to place an order to count the days that you should return the container. 

The third application is for admin; the person who wants to manage everything and have access to the specific data and information about the customer and the restaurant.

The cuboid felt this need to help people think more about our environment by using technology. We should use it more efficiently because we can update ourselves to a new layer and cuboid is one example of moving towards the more useful goals in the technology environment.

Cuboid can control everything from the restaurant inventory and customer timetable and limitations; if you forget to return a container, the price of the container will be deducted from your account.

Cuboid thinks about the future and says that we can help the world to become a better place for us and our future generation. We can be healthier and happier if we care about our environment.

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