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We have all experienced the dreadful challenge of what to cook for our meals while the cream has gone sour and the tomatoes have gone mushy. You shouldn’t be worried anymore since Foodflix is here to handle all these problems. It is an app that covers any food-related issues, from suggesting recipes to counting calories and finding professional chefs and caterers.

What is Foodflix?

Foodflix is a community of food lovers, a platform for people who enjoy making new recipes and want to share their creativities and capabilities with foods and nutrients. However, what makes Foodflix remarkably different from other recipe apps is its capability to propose potential recipes with what you have in the fridge.

Our app has provided a simple authentication method so that everyone can join the community; you can register with either email or phone number. Foodflix requires your name, and country, but we ensure that all your data is protected.

Here are your primary steps in Foodflix:

  • Customize your profile, add avatar and recipes
  • Build food collections, namely, vegan foods, or gluten-free nutrients
  • Add favorite recipes

Our talented designers have made a beautiful platform with bright and vivid colors, making anyone hungry. To finding a delicious recipe, you can search the name of your favorite food or explore the categories.

Several search filters categorize foods by different features like, their calories, ingredients, difficulties, popularity, and ratings. You can also rate your favorite recipes. Now, let’s move on to Foodflix’s specialty. 

The beauty of Foodflix is that you can add the ingredients you’ve got in your fridge and it will offer you some recipes. Don’t end up with a kilo of mouldy vegetables; feel free to raid your fridge, add the ingredients, and start to cook.

  • Skip the shopping and save some time
  • No perished goods in the fridge
  • Tracking calories
  • Schedule a weekly diet by breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Provide a shopping list based on your weekly plan
  • Find professional chefs and caterers

The scheduled diet feature might catch your attention, it is a beneficial feature of Foodflix that helps you to organize your weekly diet; plus, Foodflix generates a shopping list based on the recipes you have selected for the week. Therefore, you wouldn’t be confused in the shop aisles choosing the ingredients.

The vast community of Foodflix invites professional chefs to build profiles and share their experiences; thus, the users can contact them and ask them for their special events.

Foodflix is a relief for confused, hungry people who don’t have time to shop. It is the most efficient solution compared to other food recipe applications. Your problem is solved, and your delicious meal is ready!

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